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Spellings for test on 26.1.17

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 19.1.18

This week's homework involves reading numbers on a number line. The tricky bit will be working out what the intervals are or "what it goes up in". Trial and error works well: try an interval and count along the line, if you get to the wrong number at the end, work out whether the interval you chose is too large or too small and then try a different interval.

Good Luck.

Spellings homework for test on 19.1.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 12.1.18

This week is a puzzle. It's a bit like a wordsearch but instead of finding words, you have to find a line of numbers which add to 30. Find as many as you can but there are 10 possible answers.

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 15.12.17

This week's homework is problem solving. We haven't done this type of problem in class yet - we will look at it on Monday.

The key to problems like this is to make it real. So you could draw and cut out some stamps with the price on them and then add them up until you find the stamps which make up the total. 

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 8.12.17

This week is all about money problems. We have done some in class, so follow all your Remember Tos, like we did in this week's lessons. Good Luck.

In class we use column addition to add and number lines to find change.

Mr Brown

Spellings for test on 15.12.17

Spelling contract homework for test on 8.12.17

Spelling contract homework 10.11.17 for the spelling test on 17.11.17

Maths homework Mr Brown's group 10.11.17

We have been working on adding ones, tens and hundreds in class.

This is a fantastic online resource to practise with.