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Spring 1 Down on the farm

Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic break.

This term our topic work will be based around farms. We started by looking at all the brilliant work done over the holidays in learning logs. The children shared their work with the class in show and tell, and on Friday we got the opportunity to look at other classes work too. Thank you for the help and support you have given the pupils with this.


In Maths this week we focused on counting accurately and matching number and quantity. We had to count the dots on the T-shirts and then count out the number of buttons we needed from a bigger pile. Then we selected the matching number card.

Counting and matching

Counting and matching 1
Counting and matching 2
Counting and matching 3
Counting and matching 4
Counting and matching 5
Counting and matching 6

Week 2 - Tractors

This week we learned all about the vehicles that you find on a farm. We looked at a non-fiction book to find out facts about tractors.

We also watched some videos from a real farm to see the vehicles in action. Then we labelled a giant tractor photograph. We used Fred fingers to sound out the words including tricky ones like 'windows.' Some pupils then went and wrote the labels independently in the writing area.

We used our creative skills to make a collage of a tractor. We talked about the different features that it needed such as a cab, wheels, an engine and an exhaust.

Tractor Collages

Tractor Collages 1
Tractor Collages 2
Tractor Collages 3
Tractor Collages 4
Tractor Collages 5
Tractor Collages 6

Sharing and dividing

Sharing and dividing 1
Sharing and dividing 2
Sharing and dividing 3
Sharing and dividing 4
Sharing and dividing 5