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What we're doing in class

This half term has got off to a great start - everyone is positive and hard working! Let's keep it up until Christmas.

Today was our first on-site Forest Schools experience - and it didn't half rain! Despite getting very wet, everyone engaged in looking for signs of spring, seeing whether we had any animal company and producing some craft for display in the school.


Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!







Forest School, Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 2 of Forest School had us treasure hunting for natural objects around the site, despite the wind and the rain! Someone even thought there might be enough snow for a snow-angel...



Forest School, Day 3 - Wednesday (arrival of the snow!)

After learning about the amazing variety of wildlife living in our neighbourhood, we had a go at making replicas of some of them in clay.






Forest School, Day 4 - Thursday. Feed the birds.

Today was spent giving a helping hand to our feathered friends by making some hanging bird feeders that we placed in the trees.










Forest School, Day 5 - Friday. The fire gets lit!

Possibly the highlight of the week - toasting marshmallows on an open fire!



We also created some shelters using natural materials for a bunch of tiny aliens who had mysteriously arrived in Walkley from a galaxy far, far away.






We are all looking forward to getting back out there when the weather is slightly more pleasant and we'll be able to look for evidence of changes in the seasons.