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All about bonfire night...

Posted on November 9, 2016 by dfisher.



This week the Elmers have loved participating in activities linked to bonfire night!


We have talked about our experiences of seeing fireworks. Some of us went to different places to see a bonfire and firework display. We have enjoyed recounting our experiences as well as watching a video of a firework display on our interactive whiteboard. Some of could think of words that represent the sounds the fireworks make e.g. pop and bang.


We have enjoyed creating our own bonfire pictures using paint. A few of us even wrote words to show the sounds fireworks make. Take a look at our amazing work:

We have enjoyed painting so much that lots of us have had a go at writing our names using paint! Look at our amazing letter formation:

Also, come and take a look at our name writing with paints in the classroom. Some of us have even managed to attempt to write our surnames! Wow Elmers!!!


Another wonderful week in the Elmer base. It has been packed full of exciting learning and lots of fun!


Thank you,


Mr. Fisher