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Autumn 1 Our story

Leaf Rain

Still image for this video
We enjoyed piling up the leaves and throwing them in the air to make leaf rain.

Forest School October 2017

We have had a brilliant week learning outdoors in our new Forest School area.

On Monday we collected lots of leaves. We looked for different sizes, shapes and colours. We listened to the story 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson.


On Tuesday morning we did our maths learn its outside. It was so good to have lots of space to do our star jumps!

We also piled up the leaves, threw them in the air and danced under them. It was so much fun! See the video!


In the afternoon, we worked in our groups to complete a colour hunt. We looked carefully to try and match leaves to the colours on our clipboards. Once we agreed on a leaf we took off the double sided tape and stuck it to the hunt sheet.

Which colour was the easiest to find?


After that we explored the texture of bark by doing bark rubbings.

We also made muddy faces. Over night a squirrel came and took all the noses from the faces we had made!

On Thursday, we made leaf garlands by threading wool through holes in leaves.

What did we use to help us thread the wool through the holes?


Mr Butler showed us how to toast marshmallows on the fire. We waited until they were cool and then we ate them, yum, yum, yum!

When we came back to class we used some of the leaves we had collected to make lion pictures.

What a fun week!