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Autumn 2 Celebrations

Week 1

This term our topic is 'Celebrations'.

We have been talking about fireworks, which are used to celebrate lots of different occasions around the world.

We made firework pictures using cardboard tubes and paint. We also drew fireworks on the yard with large chalks.

Firework pictures

  We watched a video of a firework display and talked about the sounds that we could hear.

Tell your grown up some firework sounds


 In our PE lesson, we imagined being a firework. We created lots of different moves to represent fireworks such as spins, zooming around with our hands in a rocket shape and sparkling by wiggling our fingers and dancing on tip toes. We put the moves to a piece of music.



  Week 2

This week we have been making rockets out of junk modelling materials.

We also had a special visitor called Professor Pop. He asked us for help to design packaging for his new fireworks. We had to think of lots of really noisy words to put into a firework sentence. Here are some examples:



 In maths this week we have been learning about repeating patterns.

We created a pattern of two or 3 colours with threading beads.

We also made paper chain patterns to decorate our birthday role play area.


  Children in Need 

We had a fun afternoon raising money for Children in need. We dressed up in yellow and spotty things. Then we enjoyed lots of fun activities such as colouring, adding spots to Pudsey in maths, making mudsey masks and zumba dancing in the hall. We also covered a giant pudsey with lots of coins. Thank you everybody for your kind and generous donations.

Week 3


This week we have been learning about Diwali - the hindu festival of light.


We looked at pictures in information books. We also watched the story of Rama and Sita.


We talked about similarities between Diwali and other festivals.


We learned about the special Diva lamps that Hindu's light  and put around their homes.


We made our own Diva lamps out of clay and salt dough.



Diva lamps

Week 4

In our topic time this week, we have been reading the story 'Kipper's birthday.' We wrote thank you letters to Tiger for inviting us to a party for Kipper.


In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes.

We had a letter from the shape monsters asking us for help to make them some shape pizzas for their birthday party.

We counted how many shapes each pizza had and we named the shapes too.


How many different shapes did your pizza have altogether?

Week 5

This week our work has focused on the celebration of Christmas. We have been very busy practising for our Nativity show which we are performing next week. We can't wait to see you all there!


In maths we have been learning about size. We got a letter from an elf asking us for help to put Santa's presents in order of size. We used lots of size words to describe the presents.


 We played a game on the big whiteboard where we had to drag the presents to the sleigh in order from biggest to smallest so that the sleigh didn't topple over. 


Size ordering

 Week 6

This week the Seashells have been learning more about things associated with Christmas.

With Miss Walton we learned all about reindeer. We found facts about real reindeer such as what they like to eat and where they live. Then we talked about Santa's reindeer. We listened to a song to help us remember all the names.


We wanted to know how Santa's reindeer fly so we asked Santa himself and he sent us his answer in a video message.


Then we used our scissor skills to cut out reindeer faces to make into masks.


 In Maths this week we have been learning to add two groups of objects together to find the total. We needed to count out the right number of baubles for the Christmas tree. We had to read simple number sentences and then count out baubles for each group, then add them together. We completed a big Christmas tree together then we did our own individual trees.

The next day we had to add up the currants on the Christmas pudding.

Week 7

Wow what another long term! We've finally made it to the last week of the Autumn term, and what a busy one it's been!


On Monday we had a really fun lesson with Miss Sagar-Hesketh learning about length. We had a job to do for Santa. He had left all the candy canes outside and needed our help to collect them all up and then put them in order from longest to shortest.


In the afternoon it was time for our party!! First we dressed up in our party clothes.

We had so much fun playing human Christmas trees. We had to work together to cover the 'tree' with as much tinsel and as many baubles as possible. We even hung them on noses!


Then we went into the hall for some party food. The teaching assistants had done a fabulous job making the tables look festive and sorting out all the donations of food (Thanks for being so generous parents!!) 

After that we had a run outside and then it was time for a disco with DJ Drew. 

Candy Cane maths

On Wednesday we had a special Christmas dinner in the hall. We had yummy turkey or Quorn, potatoes, carrots and gravy. For pudding we had a shortbread xmas tree. The children all wore their festive Christmas hats and we had some Christmas tunes playing. The staff joined in too!

Christmas Dinner

A special visitor

Today the Seashells had a visit from Father Christmas. He brought us some super presents to share in our class.

We were very excited to find out what they were. We took them back to class and enjoyed playing with them. Thanks so much Father Christmas!!