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Autumn 2 - Rock and Rumble

Miss Kendall's Literacy Group.


In literacy we have been writing a Newspaper report on Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. 

We discussed other forms of sharing news and information to others. 

Here is one group performing a television news report of the incident in 79 AD.



Forest School.

This week in Fantastic Foxes, we have been spending our afternoons wrapped up outside in Walkleys very own secret garden. 


On Monday unfortunately due to nearly freezing temperatures, wind and rain our session was cut short. However, the time we were outside did not stop the children's positive attitude and eagerness to learn! We played some teamwork games, then began to explore the environment identifying how many different trees we could find by looking at their leaves. 

On Tuesday the weather was much better!

As part of out Creative Curriculum we are learning about volcanoes so we made our own volcanoes outside in small groups. 

The children used leaves, twigs and anything else they could get their hands on to make the body of their volcano which represented the layers of lava and ash. 

We then watched each volcano explode!!


While we were making the volcanoes to keep us warm we had a fire going and we toasted some yummy marshmallows. 


The children then took part in a maths scavenger hunt finding the questions and answers within the forest school.

On Thursday we did some Design and Technology by talking and thinking about structures. 

In groups children were set the challenge of creating a structure as tall as they can to balance an egg on the top without it breaking. 

The results were fantastic with some really good thinking and teamwork. 


While the children were making the structures, in small groups with Mrs Goff we made some pine cone Christmas Trees. 

The children made their own green, painted the pine cones then added some glitter for some Christmas sparkle!


We then finished off our forest school experience by making some of our RED words using materials in the forest school enviroment.


It has been a chilly yet fantastic week!

Miss Kendall's Maths Group


This week in maths we have been learning how to read the time on analogue clocks. 

Today each child had their own watch with a set time on. We explored the room reading the time from each others watches and recorded our friends time in a chart.


To help read the time is practice! So at every opportunity at home why don't you practice telling the time?

For example, What time you get up in the morning? What time do you come to school? What time do you have dinner? 


Here is some time telling in action! 


Miss Kendall's Literacy Group


This week in literacy we have been looking at the devastation that happened around 79 AD in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

We have been discussing what it must have been like to live in Pompeii at the time of the eruption. We thought of some questions we could ask people if they were here today. We then practiced answering them using drama and 'Hot Seating' in role of a character.