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Developing Reading skills

Language Comprehension (See Guided Reading Policy)

  • Each guided reading session is planned around one of the eight key reading skills and linked to a National curriculum framework expectation at the appropriate National curriculum level for the group (as identified by on ongoing Point in time Assessments (PiTA)).
  • A learning objective for the session is planned to meet the selected reading skill and National Curriculum framework expectation.
  • Guided reading sessions address all the key reading skills over time to ensure the development of all aspects of reading. Where gaps in skills exist, as identified through PiTA grids (including Pupil Improvement Meetings), more emphasis is placed on the teaching of certain skills and objectives.
  • Appropriate texts are selected to meet the learning objective, the reading level of the children and to ensure a range of genres is covered.
  • Texts could include: reading scheme material, banded books, short novels, poems, short plays, song lyrics, news articles, extracts from books, leaflets, interactive texts and online texts.
  • Groups will receive a pre-teach session with the TA on the first day of their reading cycle. The pre-teach will familiarise the children with the text and address any tricky words in order to make the text accessible and enable more in depth analysis.
  • The second day of the cycle will involve a teacher led session using the same text. In this session, the teacher will focus on a key reading skill. Teachers will model the use of the skill and give the children opportunity to develop their skill.
  • On the third, fourth and fifth day of the cycle, children will complete independent tasks based on the same text. The tasks will develop the key reading skill further and address objectives from the appropriate PiTA grids.


The 8 Key Reading Skills:












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