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Learning Logs


Learning Logs are a journal for the child to record their knowledge and understanding in whatever way they feel is most helpful. Children may use pictures, writing, photographs, labelled diagrams, pop up pictures, fold away flaps, to present their work. We plan to use learning logs to support learning during holiday periods, to prepare for the next half term topic.

• They are an opportunity for children to extend and consolidate their learning in the classroom.
• They encourage all children to be creative and independent.
• They encourage children to be actively involved in their work and take pride in it.
• Learning Logs encourage a partnership between home and school.
• As Learning Logs are personalised there is no right or wrong way to approach a task.
• They give children ownership of their work.
• Children can be as creative and imaginative as they like.
• Learning Logs can be a useful revision tool for children, especially in year 6.
• Learning Logs can be a useful assessment tool for teachers.

There will be time given in school for children to review and discuss their work. Learning Logs will be given a high profile in school and we will celebrate children's good work and effort. Any children who do not have access to a range of resources at home will be given an opportunity at lunchtime to carry out their work. 

Learning Logs are used by many Primary schools and we believe they will help the children to become more independent in their learning, and be a useful skill for High school. 

Have a look at the quality of learning that our children have been able to produce.