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Maths homework 13.7.18

This will be the last maths homework this year and it involves practice at using time. It should be straightforward - just be careful with how accurately you draw the hands on the clock. If you get stuck, try changing the time on a real clock and copying how it looks.

I hope you have enjoyed the homework this year and it has helped your learning.

I hope some has been straightforward practice of what we have done in class. And I hope some weeks you have been challenged and this has also moved your learning forward.

Have a great summer break and good luck for the coming year.

Maths Homework 6.7.18

This week's homework uses co-ordinates.

It should be fairly straightforward as long as you remember that the horizontal co-ordinate comes first. 

Some people use the idea "along the corridor then up the stairs" to help them remember this.

Good luck!

Maths homework 29.6.18

At the moment England are still in the World Cup. So we might want some souvenirs to make our experience even better.

This week we have some money problems. 

Add the 2 prices using column addition.

Then use a number line to find the change. Try 2 jumps - one jump to the next £ using jigsaw numbers, then another jump to the amount of money you started with (£10 or £20).

Good luck. Both in the maths homework and the football!

Spellings for test on 29.6.18

Maths Homework 22.6.18

This week is a puzzle using addition and subtraction. 

Find the answer, colour the square and you will end up with a World Cup themed picture.

In class we used this counter to help us add and subtract hundreds, tens and ones.


Spellings for test on 22.6.18

Maths Homework 15.6.18

This week, the World Cup is on so we have some codes which give you answers connected with the World Cup.

For some division, such as 60 ÷ 12 try counting up in 12s until you reach 60. Most of us haven't learned to count in 12s yet, so work it out by adding 12 each time

1 x 12 = 12

Add 12 so 2 x 12 = 24

Add 12 so 3 x 12 = 36

Add 12 so 4 x 12 = 48

Add 12 so 5 x 12 = 60

Now you know 5 x 12 = 60 you know that 60 ÷ 12 = 5.

Or ...

We know our 5 times table so we know 12 x 5 = 60. So we know 5 x 12 = 60. So we know 60 ÷ 12 = 5.

Good luck!

Maths Homework 8.6.18

This week we have been doing grid multiplication in class. There is an example on the sheet to show how we did this in class. 

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 18.5.18

This week is doubling. We have done this in class with Mrs Leverton so it should be straightforward to partition it as we did in class.

If you have any problems - ask. We are always willing to help

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 11.5.18

This week you have a problem to solve. All the instructions and some hints for the challenge are on the sheet.

Don't forget the learn its. Can you answer addition learn its in 3 seconds?

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 4.5.18

Find out which time you do these things then write the times in 3 different ways.

Spellings for test on 11.5.18

Spellings for test on 4.5.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 27.4.18

This week we have been solving money problems. Remember to use column addition to find the total and then a number line to find the change.

If you get really stuck, tell Mr Brown on Monday.

Subtraction practice.

Some of you will be practising your 3 digit subtraction on a number line. 

This is the method we use.

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 20.4.18

This week is a puzzle. You should be ok if you follow the instructions. If you want a challenge, you could also try the homework from other groups.

But if you get really stuck, tell Mr Brown on Monday.

Spellings for test on 27.4.18

Summer 1 Learning Log Mysteries of the Nile

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 23.3.18

This week is all about using column addition to add. Cylinders group have slightly easier numbers but they could try the harder questions as well if they like.

I've included a screen shot of how we teach this in class.

Good Luck!

Spellings for test on 23.3.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 16.3.18

This week we are revising subtraction on a number line. This screen shot shows the method we use in class for 3 digits - 2 digits.

The method for 3 digits - 3 digits is the same but instead of jumping to 100, we jump to the next 100.

Good luck!

Spellings for test on 16.3.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 9.3.18



It's about time!

This week you have to find out about various units of time. If you know, you can write them in. If not, you can ask parents or other people, you can use the internet or you can use books.

For the part about months - learn and use the rhyme or try the knuckle method.

There is also an extra challenge if you fancy a go at that.


Good luck!

Spellings homework for test on 9.3.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 2.3.18


This week is a number problem. The numbers on each side must add up to the number in the centre.

The first one has been done for you and there is a hint.

One of the best ideas for puzzles like this is to have number cards that you can move around. This saves you having to write it out every time and you can swap numbers easily.

Your number cards will also be great for practising your Learn Its.

Learning Log Spring 2 Travelling Light

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 9.2.18

There are puzzles to solve this week. 

The key is deciding which order to work out the value of the salamanders.

If you get stuck, this is how you solve the Spheres, Pyramids and Cylinders puzzle.

Start with the row that has four of the same slalamander - the third row. If 4 of them add to 12, each one must be 3. Write the value of this salamander on the puzzle.

Next find a line where there is only one missing type of salamander. The top row.  This row will now be ? + 3 + ? 3 = 10. So the 2 missing salamanders add to 4. They must be 2. Write these on.

Then the 2nd line. ? + 3 + 2 + ? = 13. So the 2 missing salamanders add to 8. They must be 4. Write these on.

Last, the 4th line. ? + 4 + ? + ? = 19. So the 3 missing salamanders add to 15. They must be 5. Write these on.

Finally, check all the lines add up to the correct totals. 

The Cubes and Cuboids puzzle works the same way.

If you are still stuck - ask Mr Brown on Monday.

There are all sorts of other maths puzzles on

Good Luck.

Spellings homework for test on 9.2.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 2.2.18

There are 2 versions, you could have a go at both if you like.

Although these look different to other maths we've done, it's really just missing number calculations.

The key is to find which ones are possible (with only one missing number) and do those first.

You could use your switchers and fact families

4 + ? = 7

? +  4 = 7

7 - ? = 4

7 - 4 = ?



Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 26.1.18

We have been converting grams to kilograms and grams and kilograms using a decimal point.

Remember there are 1000g in 1kg.


4500g = 4kg 500g = 4.5kg.

Good Luck.

Spellings for test on 2.2.18

Spellings for test on 26.1.17

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 19.1.18

This week's homework involves reading numbers on a number line. The tricky bit will be working out what the intervals are or "what it goes up in". Trial and error works well: try an interval and count along the line, if you get to the wrong number at the end, work out whether the interval you chose is too large or too small and then try a different interval.

Good Luck.

Spellings homework for test on 19.1.18

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 12.1.18

This week is a puzzle. It's a bit like a wordsearch but instead of finding words, you have to find a line of numbers which add to 30. Find as many as you can but there are 10 possible answers.

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 15.12.17

This week's homework is problem solving. We haven't done this type of problem in class yet - we will look at it on Monday.

The key to problems like this is to make it real. So you could draw and cut out some stamps with the price on them and then add them up until you find the stamps which make up the total. 

Maths Homework Mr Brown's Group 8.12.17

This week is all about money problems. We have done some in class, so follow all your Remember Tos, like we did in this week's lessons. Good Luck.

In class we use column addition to add and number lines to find change.

Mr Brown

Spellings for test on 15.12.17

Spelling contract homework for test on 8.12.17

Spelling contract homework 10.11.17 for the spelling test on 17.11.17

Maths homework Mr Brown's group 10.11.17

We have been working on adding ones, tens and hundreds in class.

This is a fantastic online resource to practise with.