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Introducing Pim the Alien

Posted on September 24, 2017 by rbaron.



Last week we met Pim the alien who helps us in Maths. You will learn more about him at BIG maths workshops!

We started our maths lesson looking at numbers.


We joined in with rhymes including 12345 once I caught a fish alive and 1,2 buckle my shoe.

Here is a link to one of the songs if you want to watch it at home:


We also did some counting with the squirty fish.


When counting we always remember to:


  1. Say the numbers in the right order
  2.  Count one item/object at a time
  3. Know that the last number we say is how many there are
  4. Point at each object as we count or move it as we say each number


Next week we will focus on reading or recognising numbers.