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'Maths is easy'

Posted on September 21, 2016 by dfisher.




The Elmers are all really settled and loving their time at Nursery!


Everyday we complete a range of activities and learn lots of new things! This includes our daily carpet session of ‘Little Big Maths’. Here we practise our counting skills and number recognition. We also enjoy learning about shapes, length and lots of other Maths concepts.


This week we have been so busy! We have started to learn about tally charts and have even started to create our own simple tally chart to show  our own eye colour. This work will carry on next week – we will be creating our own class pictogram.

The children are also really enjoying learning to recognise/form numbers and currently love painting. So this week we have combined the two! Lots of us have worked with Mr Fisher to paint numbers. We have been learning a brilliant number formation rhyme to help us! Ask Mr Fisher or Mrs Bracken if you would like a copy of our exciting number formation rhyme to practise writing numbers at home.


We love to access maths activities within our classroom as well! Lots are on offer to help us gain knowledge. Some Elmers are choosing frequently to visit the playdough table to play with our shape cutters. Others are loving threading numbers and playing our number fishing game outside.

What a busy but very fun week we have been having. Maths is easy!