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School Council Archive

Wednesday 16th October




After a working lunch with Mrs Jinkinson, the Executive Council met with the rest of the School Council and the main agenda this week was to discuss and feedback ideas for this years Children in Need day on the Friday 15th November.  


As Children in Need is fast approaching, the School Council still have lots of hard work to do!

Thursday 10th October


School Council 2019 is well and truly underway! Even though we've only met twice, the Council are already taking charge of what they need to do and who they need to meet with in order to fulfil their role. To aid them in the School Council business, they have got their invaluble school council stationary (pencil, notepad and folder), which they will need to gather the views of their class about Children in Need. 

 Wednesday 2nd October - The New School Council


This afternoon Mrs Jinkinson, Miss Whitham and Mr Clements met with our NEW Walkley Primary School Council. The first meeting was to introduce all the members and the discuss the roles that they will be doing throughout this year. 


We can't wait to get started!!



1st School Council Meeting

Walkley Executive School Council 2019/2020

May we introduce our new School Council:


Chairperson: LF

Vice Chairperson: EF

Secretary: JM

Treasurer: EL

Walkley Primary School - Executive School Council 2018/19

May we introduce the Executive School Council for 2018/19


Chairperson: CB

Vice Chairperson: LA

Secretary: SJ

Treasurer: LMH

School Liaison Officer: LW

Friday 23rd March - Sports Relief Day

Dear parents/carers

This afternoon the children and staff have been informed of the results of the 2017/18 School Council elections. The ballot took place on Friday as nearly 300 pupils cast their votes for their school council representatives. The dedication and effort shown by the current Y6 in constructing their witty and eloquent election campaigns has been excellent and it must have been a very difficult decision for all pupils when casting their votes. Congratulations to all of you, whether or not you were successful this time.

Here are the results:

The Executive School Council:

Chairperson: FS
Vice Chairperson: DA
Secretary: ALS
Treasurer: EB
Liaison Officer: RM


The Burnaby Class Representatives:



The Sports Leaders:


It’s been a very busy day here at Walkley as children have taken to the polling booths to cast their votes for School Council Elections. This morning in KS2 and after lunchtime in Burnaby, children put a cross in the box of the child they wanted to represent them on the Executive School Council.

The positions available are:

Vice Chairperson
Infant Class Representatives
Sports Leaders
School Liaison Officer

Votes will be counted and verified this evening and the results will be announced in Assembly next week prior to notifying parents.

Thank you to Mrs Jinkinson (aka Mrs Nosniknij) and Mr Clements (aka Mr Stnemelc) for running the event today.

School Council Election Day 22nd September 2017