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Spring 1- Carnival of the Animals

Muscles and Joints!

In Science, as part of our topic 'Food and our Bodies' we have been learning about how our bodies move.Today we learnt how our muscles help our bones and joins move. We had a go at making our own biceps and triceps muscles around our elbow joint out of cardboard and rubber bands. It was fiddly at times but everyone Fantastic Foxes were proud of what they made and learnt!



Chinese Dancing!


As it is Chinese New Year coming up we have been practising some Chinese Ribbon Dancing!


We all had great fun! Check out some of our moves below!



This week Fantastic Foxes have been very creative in their painting and have had some very careful cutting out to do. 

We have been creating silhouettes against a sunset background which involves some very detailed and accurate drawing and cutting out of animals, trees and grass. 


We are still in the process of sticking them all together but here are some children in action!

Miss Kendall's Literacy Group.

In literacy we are currently learning about Non-Chronological reports. 


In the following weeks we are going to be writing our own Non- Chronological report on SHARKS!


We have been learning lots about sharks in class and have been practicing our note taking skills when watching videos in our very own shark notebook.  


Why don't you try and find some more amazing facts about sharks at home and bring them into school? This will help you when you come to writing your report as you can include your super facts from home!


Try and amaze me with some of your facts, I want to be impressed! 


Miss Kendall