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Spring 1 Down on the farm

  Week 6 - Forest School

We had great fun during our second forest school week. We talked about how the area had changed since the Autumn. We noticed:

  • The weather was much colder
  • Snow
  • The leaves had turned brown and had fallen off the trees
  • There were lots more sticks on the ground
  • It was windy

We played hokey cokey to keep ourselves warm. Then we worked in groups to collect snow in buckets to make snow castles.

Later we collected lots of sticks and had a go at den building.

On Thursday we put a chocolaty surprise into bananas and wrapped them up in foil. Mr Butler lit the fire and put teh bananas on to cook. We watched him cook popcorn in a big pot. We had to be really quiet so that we could hear the kernels pop. It tasted smokey! Then we went back to class and ate the bananas. They had gone all gooey and the chocolate had melted. They were delicious!

Forest School part 2

Week 4  - Healthy Living 


This week we have had a special topic all about 'Being Healthy'.

We talked about the things we can do to stay healthy such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, getting lots of sleep and having a happy attitude.

On Tuesday we explored different vegetables and named them. We talked about having 5 portions of fruit or Vegetables a day.


On Wednesday we explored fruit. We used some fruit to print repeating patterns. We also talked about breakfast and why it is a really important meal. We made some overnight oats using oats, banana, yoghurt and berries. The next morning we all tried some, yum, yum yum!!


On Thursday we talked about food that is produced on a farm. We worked together to make vegetable soup. Every group had a job which included:

Peeling carrots, potatoes and onion

Crushing garlic

Stirring the stock

Measuring the lentils

Cutting the parsley

Chopping the vegetables (Miss B did this as the knives were a bit sharp for little hands!)

In the afternoon we cooked it all on the stove. then Miss B liquidized it with the blender. We all tasted some, it was delicious, and so healthy!!

Overnight oats

Fruit printing



This week in our Science (UW) lessons we received a message from Frozen's Elsa. She had accidentally frozen some of her princess friends & needed Seashells help to free them from the ice. We discussed what we could do to melt the ice & free the princesses. We predicted that hot water would work well & that we couldn't try to crack the ice in case we hurt the princesses. We carried out an investigation to free the princesses using hot & cold water, salt and the warmth of our classroom. Was our prediction correct....?

Week 3

This week we talked about scarecrows. We learned why farmers sometimes used scarecrows in the fields to stop the birds and crows from eating the seeds and crops. We read the story of 'The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and we talked about Scarecrow festivals that happen around the world.

In our writing books we labelled a picture of a scarecrow. We identified the first sounds and then used Fred fingers to write the words. Then we made scarecrow pictures using collage materials.

Tractor Collages

Week 2 - Tractors

This week we learned all about the vehicles that you find on a farm. We looked at a non-fiction book to find out facts about tractors.

We also watched some videos from a real farm to see the vehicles in action. Then we labelled a giant tractor photograph. We used Fred fingers to sound out the words including tricky ones like 'windows.' Some pupils then went and wrote the labels independently in the writing area.

We used our creative skills to make a collage of a tractor. We talked about the different features that it needed such as a cab, wheels, an engine and an exhaust.

Sharing and dividing

Counting and matching

Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic break.

This term our topic work will be based around farms. We started by looking at all the brilliant work done over the holidays in learning logs. The children shared their work with the class in show and tell, and on Friday we got the opportunity to look at other classes work too. Thank you for the help and support you have given the pupils with this.


In Maths this week we focused on counting accurately and matching number and quantity. We had to count the dots on the T-shirts and then count out the number of buttons we needed from a bigger pile. Then we selected the matching number card.