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Spring 1- How can you be the next Masterchef/Down on the Farm

Happy Chinese New year!

We had a an exciting last afternoon before half term! We celebrated Chinese New Year by performing Chinese dancing and a special dragon dance!


What part did you enjoy? What animal represents the new Chinese year?

What's your favourite fruit?

In Anansi class we thought about how to find out everyone's favourite fruit after discussing healthy foods. We decided to record them in a table and we looked at a special way of doing this with a tally. We had to choose favourite fruits adn ask everyone in the class what their favourite fruit was. Can you remember what a tally is?


We then found the total of each of the fruits we had chosen to find the most and least popular fruit. what was the most popular in your survey?


Next we used the data we had found to input it into a pictogram on the computer to display our results. Can you see more easily which is the most popular fruit choice?

Music Fun!

We have had an exciting afternoon of music in Anansi class!


First we did our warm ups-getting our bodies ready, stretching, breathing and voice games.


We practised rhythms and sang songs together. We enjoyed Old Mcdonald to go with our current 'Down on the Farm' topic. 


Next we had a go at using different instruments to play to the beat.


Which instrument did you use? How did you play the instrument? What other instruments can you think of?


We had a very busy day in Anansi on Thursday! We designed and made our very own pizzas! What amazing chefs we have!


First we had to wash our hands and discuss food hygiene and safety. We talked about healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet and trying new foods.


Next we followed a recipe and had to quarter the pizzas to share. We had to spread tomato passata  onto the base, then we looked carefully at the vegetables and chopped them up safely using knifes. We discussed using a bridge method to hold the vegetables securely.  After that we grated cheese and sprinkled over the top. Then went into the oven for 10 minutes and then the best bit-eating them!! Delicious!


What was your favourite topping? What would you add next time?

A Trip to the Shop!

We walked to the local farm shop, Beeches on Monday 29th January.  We had to do a treasure hunt to find different items or information about them.  The shop keeper even let us try some cheese and sausage! We discussed where the food had come from-farm animals or grown plants and then how they were processed and packaged to get to the shop.


Which healthy foods did you see?