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Spring 2

Another busy week for the Elmers... 


The children have been very enthusiastic this week. Lots of our children have shared their experiences in the snow last week. Many of us made snowmen and enjoyed playing out in the snow with our families. We enjoyed recounting what we did in the snow and shared our thoughts about the weather changes. 


O.B - 'It was really cold!'

L.M - 'We made a snowman. We used a carrot for his nose'. 

E.V - 'We went on a sledge!' 


This week we have carried on talking about our favourite toys linked to our current topic 'Toy Story'. We also have been busy making our Mother's Day cards for Sunday! 


We made beautiful Mother's Day cards with Mrs Laver. 




We wrote our inserts with a little help from Mr Fisher. All of the Elmers are making excellent progress in their writing. Our pencil grip continues to improve and lots of us are forming clear letters now! Well done Elmers!



A busy week of building....... 


The Elmers have been very interested in construction and junk modelling activities this week. 


Lots of us have enjoyed making models of our favourite toys e.g. cars. Some of us have chosen to use resources to create representations of our favourite film/story characters such as Elsa from Frozen and Jessie from Toy Story 2.


Within our classroom we have been able to build with shape blocks, mobilo, large blocks, duplo as well as complete junk modelling in our creative area. The children have been very imaginative! 



Lots of writing and mark-making...


This week the Elmers have been very busy as always! We have made Easter cards and have also written our own names on the inserts for the cards. 


The children have also enjoyed mark making within the classroom. Lots of us have made marks using a range of media, including paint, chalks, felt tips, crayons and pencils. We have even used large paint brushes with water. Mark making can take place both indoors and outdoors! 





Trip to Gerry's Bakery 


This week we have been so lucky to visit Gerry's Bakery on South Road. We had so much fun! More children are going to be visiting Gerry's on Thursday afternoon. The children and the staff can't wait to get baking again! 


We walked up the big hill to get to the bakery. The children listened very carefully, followed all instructions given and crossed all the roads safely. 


We arrived at the bakery and listened to Gareth who gave us very clear instructions on how to make our gingerbread men.


We then enjoyed rolling the gingerbread dough using large rolling pins and used gingerbread men and star cutters to make our biscuit shapes. 


When we got back to Nursery we enjoyed eating our gingerbread men at snack time. They were very yummy! 


Take a look at some of the photos we took during our exciting visit. Thanks to all our amazing staff who helped on the trip, all the staff from Gerry's Bakery and our wonderful children.