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Spring 2-How can you survive in the wild west?

Wild West in the Forest School!

We had an adventure this afternoon in Anansi! We went on a magic trip on our pioneer wild west wagons through the grassy Great Plains, through the dry, arid desert past the cactus, over the treacherous, cold, Rocky Mountains, in search of treasure! we were so hungry we stopped to make a fire and cook some special pioneer smoky baked beans-yummy!


What was your favourite part?


Welcome back!


After a snowy start to term we are busy with our new topic of 'Wild West'!


Thank you for all your amazing Learning Logs from half term holiday, we have loved reading through them and sharing your Tipi/wagon making and songs! Please return any that have not been handed in yet.


In maths this half term we have been learning about directions. We have used forwards, backwards, left, right to direct our friends, a Beebot and to program a Beebot on the ipads using an algorithm (instructions). 


Can you talk about left and right at home? Is it different for other people and why?




Dazzle dance!

We are very lucky to have dance teacher Amy with Anansi class this half term for our PE sessions. We have swapped our PE to accommodate this to Thursday afternoons just for this half term.  What dance moves have you learnt to do?