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Spring 2

With reading being a priority of the school, the Walkley children from nursery up to year 6 work very hard in guided reading. Starting with a pre-teach session led by our fabulous teaching assistants, the children then have their main guided reading lesson led by the class teacher. This is followed by three days of independent tasks based around reading the text again. This year we have been reading a huge range of genres and completed a diverse range of tasks from diaries, letters and posters to practise SATs papers. The giants have been absolutely amazing and their progress in reading has been great.

Fun stories, reports on sharks, safety texts, religious education reports, mysterious eye witness reports on the unknown and enjoyable children's books. The giants are gripped by a broad range of genres!

This term we are very lucky to have the wonderful dance teacher Amy coming in to deliver fabulous dance lessons every Thursday. This means just for this term, we are having PE on a Thursday. In the summer term we will go back to Wednesdays when we will learning games and hopefully doing PE outside.

Amy came into school the day before Chinese New year and showed the children how to do a dragon dance!

In Mathematics this term, we are tackling some of the thorny parts of the curriculum such as positional, turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise and money.

We began in week 1 with a trip to our forest school. Unfortunately due to the snow it ended up being our only visit!

Day one started with learning about positional language and whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns. We also looked at the clock to make sure we knew which way was clockwise and anti-clockwise. Once we felt confident, we went into forest school and created verbal algorithms in order to guide our partners around obstacles.

On day two we played a game where we gave instructions to our partner so they could catch the mouse with their Gruffalo.