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Catch-up Learning

The government has announced a £1-billion catch-up package and a separate National Tutoring Programme to help make up for lost learning.  We will be teaching most pupils their previous year Summer Term curriculum in Autumn 1 2020. While all children will have some gaps, most pupils will get back on track after a few weeks of consolidation.


Our catch-up approach will vary depending on the needs of our pupils and our school's context. 

  • It will be intense and time-limited:  The aim is for pupils to fill in the gaps as quickly as possible so they can start doing the same work as their peers. This support is not long term. Ideally, catch-up will finish by the time other pupils have finished consolidating the learning they missed.
  • We will focus on key knowledge and concepts: use knowledge organisers for catch-up teaching and quizzing, so that pupils are taught the most important things they need to know
  • Target our teaching at filling pupils' specific gaps: adapt our catch up programmes catch-up in light of what we  learn about where pupils gaps are, and keep low-stakes quizzing going during the process


Until we are back in school, we can begin our catch up programme over the summer break. Lockdown learning provided by the Walkley teaching team is available below. You will find access to the learning content created over the past 4 months, just click on your child's class below to access the video content.