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Week of Monday 13th July

Monday, 13th


The final week is here. I hope you enjoyed the activities I have put on the blog. This week, we have a Science experiment and some rock painting

You may have noticed that there has been a virus going around the last few months! To show our appreciation of all the heroes in the NHS , many parks and green spaces around Sheffield have started their own Corona Virus snake.


How to paint a rock for your Corona virus snake:


  • Draw your design on paper. It has to be a positive message, a message of hope!It can words, pictures or a combination of both
  • Wash your rock thoroughly
  • Mark your design in pencil on the rock first
  • Use acrylic paint on the rock if you can - sharpies will work but may fade over time
  • Add your pebble to a Corona Virus snake in your area


Read the article below, watch the videos for tips. Also, look at some example, including my NHS tree design.

Tip for Painting Rocks


Mr Rist's rock art



Our experiment this week is to make a volcano. The pdf has the ingredients, method and science included. 

Here are a few tips:

  • you can make your volcano out of paper mache, sand, playdoh, modelling clay or soil
  • make sure you put a plastic sheet / tray under the volcano so it doesn't leave a huge mess


Good luck!

Click on link here