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Week of Monday 13th July

Thanks SB for another superb piece of work! You have been a superstar!
Wow! Take a look at the pdf below and see all the amazing work HH has been doing. What a Walkley whizzkid!

Friday, 17th July


Design Your Own  Book Cover for your suspense text


 This is an extension task for those of you that have completed the storyboard.


  • First think of all the words to put on the cover: title, author, publisher,
  • Secondly think of a picture that would show what the book is about.
  • Next draw a rough design.
  • Choose a colour scheme, 3 colours are usually enough.



Have a look at some of the examples of front covers. Thank you to everyone who has has completed work from the blog. It was lovely to get so many pieces of work sent to me. I hope you have a lovely summer holiday and see you in September.

Happy holidays,

Mr Rist

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Thursday, 16th July


Now, we are moving onto the writing stage. This is not an extended piece of writing; this is more about the quality of the writing. Therefore, I would like you to present it as a storyboard. I have done mine on A3 paper and split into 8 sections.


Also, if you are struggling to get started with your sentences, I have included a writing frame with different openers.



Tips for storyboard:

  • Write your sentences on a separate piece of paper first
  • use your plan to help with your writing – it only needs to be 8 sentences
  • focus on the word choices – using vocabulary that builds up the suspense
  • change the lengths of your sentences – short ones to move the story on quickly, longer details to add detail
  • fold your sheet of A3/ A4 paper into eigths ( fold it in half 3 times)
  • draw a line across the middle of each box
  • add your sentences to the storyboard
  • illustrate your storyboard

The storyboard should take 2 days. However, if you finish, I will have an extension task for you on Friday. Good luck!

Wednesday, 15th July


The next part of our suspense writing is the planning stage. I have included a plan of my own which you might find useful ; feel free to magpie any ideas or word choices. 


The plan needs to have:


  •  a scary setting
  • a description of the setting
  • effective word choices
  • how the character is feeling
  • evidence of feelings through actions
  • sounds
  • a variety of openers
  • an illustration


As well as my plan, I have also included:

  • a descriptosaurus - with lots of amazing descriptive language for suspense settings
  • a suspense vocabulary word mat


I look forward to reading your plan! 

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Click on link here

Tuesday, July 14th


I hope you enjoyed doing the Talk for Writing yesterday ; I would love to see some of your videos! Today, I would like you to create a story map using illustrations and words. To help, I have completed a story map for the first two sentences. You can either start from the beginning or from where I have got up to.



  • you can include some words
  • make sure it is clearly illustrated
  • make sure it is in time order


Good luck!

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Monday , 13th July

Wow, some fantastic Lockdown poems from AG, RW, EM, VS, NM, AH, BW in our Key Worker bubbles. Well done everybody!

Suspense writing day 2


Read the paragraph about Boris and watch the video to see me acting it out. Can you act it out for your friends and family? remember to rehearse it a few times before you feel confident enough to perform it. Now, it's over to you! Good luck!

Performing suspense writing

Suddenly, a scream pierced the deathly quiet of the graveyard! His feet, standing motionless, the hairs on the back of his neck raised up. All was silent .... and then footsteps creeping closer. Chilled to the bone, shivering as if an icy finger had scraped across his back, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm only dreaming," he told himself. After what seemed like an eternity, reluctantly Boris slowly opened his eyes. everything seemed normal; the reassuring silence of the early hours. A glint of light broke the darkness - a light that didn't belong. Sinister shapes emerged out of the depths .......

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Monday, 13th July

Punctuation and Grammar


This week, our Punctuation and Grammar links in with our suspense writing. Synonyms are words that have a similar meaning. Using better word choices will improve the quality of our writing. If you are not able to think of a better synonym, you can always use a Thesaurus or go online to


Please watch the 2 video clip about how to use a Thesaurus and synonyms.

5 Tips For Using A Thesaurus

What's a synonym?

The first task is find synonyms for the words on the sheet. If you do not know what the word means, use a dictionary to find the definition and a Thesaurus to find the synonyms .Once you have completed all parts of this task, can you challenge yourself to complete the Matching Synonyms sheet. They start off easy and gradually get more challenging. The answers are also on the sheet.
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