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Week of Monday 22nd June

This is the new LKS2 daily maths page where every day there will be new activities for you to try. This week we will be looking at money. Watch the video to start today's learning! - Miss Kendall smiley

Examples of Maths work from this week. Well Done to LR, EG, EB, MC, BW, BB and NM superb effort!

Monday 22nd June

L/O: To convert pounds to pence.

Starter: Get your brains warmed up!!

LKS2 Money Lesson 1

Tuesday 23rd June

L/O: To add money.

LKS2 Money Lesson 2

Choose which ability level best suits you.

Wednesday 24th June

L/O: To subtract money.

Starter: Get your brains warmed up!!

LKS2 Money Lesson 3

Thursday 25th June

L/O: To complete money problems.

LKS2 Money Lesson 4

Found the problems too easy? Want to complete some more problems? Try these problems below. Here is an example of a money maze!

Please submit any of your work from this week HERE!! 

I would love to see how you found the money lessons this week and see how you've got on!

It wont take long!

Friday 26th June

Friday Fun Maths

Watch the video to try Miss Travis's number of the day. Click the link below to access the website.

Try solving these Shaun the Sheep money questions!!