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Week of Monday 22nd June

Examples of this weeks Guided Reading! Well Done VS, EM, AG, RW and AH. Superb Effort!

UKS2 Guided Reading

Cole's Kingdom

For Guided Reading this week you have an extract (part of) a fantasy novel with a magical story line. Although you might not get to read all of the story and get to the magical parts you can start to imagine what could happen next. 

There are 3 different levels of texts for you to choose from. Look at the stars to decide which would be best for you, the more stars the more challenging the text. Click on the image to make the text larger, however if this does not work there is an attached document below with questions you can try if you wish. 


There are also 3 tasks to complete based on the text. I recommend spreading the tasks out, one a day! But remember to always read the text again before starting a task.


Any Guided Reading work for this week that you would like to share with your teachers or classmates please submit it HERE.


I hope you enjoy this weeks reading and tasks!smiley


Finished this weeks Guided Reading work and want to do some more reading?

Take a look at Walkley's very own UKS2 VIRTUAL LIBRARY...