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Week of Monday 22nd June


This week its all about 'sticks'

Where do sticks come from?


In science we are going to use sticks to help us explore the world around us.

We are going to make bug hotels. These are great as they encourage bugs to your garden by giving them a safe and sheltered environment. We can then use them to see what bugs have visited our gardens and then think about why those bugs are there.


1. Watch the video of how to make a bug hotel.

Don't worry if you don't have cardboard tubes you can use an empty bottle or an empty can. Any container really that you can fill with twigs, leaves and other garden goodies.

2. Make your Bug Hotel and place it in your garden or in an outside space

3.Take photos or draw pictures of what is around your bug hotel. Flowers, plants, rocks, water, wall anything you can see.

4. Keep visiting your bug hotel and each time you see something new or different write it down/ take a picture/ draw a picture

5. Look at the bugs that have visited and try to answer the question at the top here.

What type of bugs are they and why are they there?


How to build a Bug Hotel - Wildlife Connections

Follow our simple instructions for how to make a bug hotel. Wildlife Connections is a project from Chester Zoo where you can help us create wildlife friendly...