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Week of Monday 22nd June

Monday 21st June

Welcome everyone to our new blog page.

We will be updating regularly with lots of fun activities and look forward to seeing lots of your super 'home learning' pictures.


Amazing Adventures

Adventures can take us anywhere and everywhere.

This week we will be following a little boy called Stanley on his very own adventure.


Stanley's Stick

By John Hegley


Here is a link for you to watch the story being read and then some activities that you might like to try throughout the week.

We hope you enjoy your adventures!

Stanley's Stick


1. Watch and listen to the story 'Stanley's Stick'

2. Now go outside and find a stick that looks interesting to you.

What could your stick be?

3.Take your stick on an adventure.

4. Don't forget to take photographs or record a video of your adventure and send them over to us.

Have Fun!



Can you remember what adventures you had with your stick?

1.Write a sentence to tell us about it.

You might say...

My stick was a fishing rod and I caught a fish.

2.If you feel very adventurous, write a story about what you and your stick did.

3. Write a list of all the different things you imagined your stick could be.



Well, what could we do with that stick today?

1. Practice writing your numbers or forming your letters

You could use your stick and scratch them into the ground.

You could tie a pen or chalk to the end to draw with your stick.

Here are some rhymes that will help you to remember.


2. You could draw around your stick onto a piece of paper and cut out the new sticks

3. Thread leaves/coloured paper onto your stick or tie different threads or pieces of material onto your stick to decorate it.



                            Have you still got your stick?

If you haven't go and get one quickly!

1. Take your stick around your house. Can you find anything that is the same size as your stick?

If you want to, you could record what you have found by drawing pictures or taking photographs

I think I might use a piece of paper and draw a table like this.

Bigger Same Size Smaller


2. Find some stick friends and see if yours is the longest or the shortest. Lay them all on the floor and put them in order of size.

3. How many of your stick tall are you?

Find someone else now to measure.


25 June 2020

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Now lets make something to keep from your stick.

You could make a stick picture frame or a stick picture hanger.



Finally I couldn't resist sharing one of my favourite stick songs with you. Head over to our weekly Dance link and freestyle!