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Week of Monday 22nd June


For this weeks science we would like you to explore different objects around the house. Which ones bend and why? Which ones will squash!


Please watch the video and have a go. Good luck!


This week you will be completing our Virtual Sports Day. Please click on the link below!

Here are a some brilliant 5 minute PE games to break up the day. Our favourites are Spring Watch, Match of the Day and Danger mouse. Get running on the spot folks!:



This week we will be exploring colours with Miss Harris from the Oak Academy.  Please have a go at exploring colours using objects.  I would really like to see how your art moves through the colour wheel.  

I've also added 3 tutorials for you to draw animals from our new bubble classes.

We have a Frog, a Cat and a TRex.  Which character can you draw?

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

How To Draw A Cartoon T-Rex

How To Draw A Cartoon Frog


Primary Schools Singalong 1

You can find the links to Out of The ark below: "I Have a song to sing" The PDF file:

The Gruffalo children have an extra weekly music lesson because they have missed their recorders tuition. If you are a Gruffalo, please click on this link to get your login details: