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Week of Monday 22nd June

Hi everyone! It’s Mr Rist here! I am going to be setting the Literacy work for Home Learning over the next weeks.


Our first task is to create a non – chronological report about an invented animal. A report is a non – fiction text that describes something very clearly.

Are you in the imagination zone? Close your eyes and transport yourself to the Congo. The world famous explorer, Sir Quentin Smithers has journeyed into the heart of the Congo Rainforest, in Africa. Using the knowledge of local tribes people he has discovered a new animal.


Your first task is to create a name and draw a labelled picture for his animal. Try to add as much description as you can. This will make your report writing much easier!

1.With the name you can either use your imagination or create a name from 2 existing animals.

2. If using your amazing imagination, there are no limits.

3. If you are struggling for ideas, take 2 animals such as a tiger and lion, combine letters from both names to create tigon.

4. Once you have created a name, can you do a labelled drawing including all the features of your chosen animal. Click on the file below to see my amazing example.

5. Remember to put commas in between 2 adjectives

6 .I have included a word mat to help with vocabulary. Also, you could use a thesaurus to up level your adjectives or google synonyms for some of the vocabulary. I would love to see some of your amazing pictures!

Thank you everyone! You are all superstars! I absolutely loved the work - my wife has never seen me so excited. 

Spagtastic – noun phrases


This weeks SPAG is  noun phrases – which basically means just using adjectives to describe a 'thing' (noun). Read through the powerpoint to help you understand what a noun phrase is.


With the SPAG tasks, they start off easy and get gradually more challenging. Push yourself and see if you can complete all the activities!


Tuesday, 23rd June


Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays task. I am looking forward to seeing some of your amazing .pictures. Today, we are going to focus on the features of non - chronological reports. Non - chronological reports are factual ( they are about real things): they describe something very clearly.  I know that our invented creature is not real but we are still going to write as a factual report. Make sure you

read the list below.



Features of non – chronological reports

  • Tells us what the text is about
  • Introduction – usually tells you who, what , why, where, when
  • Paragraphs – a group of sentences that are about the same idea or thing
  • Sub – headings – each paragraph has a sub – heading which tells you what that part of the report is about
  • Fact boxes – information may be organised into boxes like Did you know?
  • Technical / factual language – words that are specific to the subject like herbivore, predator
  • Present tense verbs
  • Extra detail supports the main points
  • Third person makes it impersonal – they
  • General language not specific – Tigon , not Terry the tigon


Now, look at my report on the Tigon. I have highlighted and labelled the features.

Your task today is to choose 2 of the animal reports and highlight or label all the features. Make sure you use the list of features I have given you. There are 2 panda reports which are fairly similar apart from the vocabulary, so please don't do both.

Good luck!

Click on link here
Some fantastic work from RT and SB. Keep it up Walkley superstars! 

Wednesday, 24th June


HI everyone. We are now at the planning stage of the report. Look at the plan that I have created for the Tigon. Can you create your own plan for your invented animal on the planning template provided?


  • Magpie some of my ideas
  • Use a thesaurus to help with adjectives
  • If you have access to the internet, use to find better word choices
Please ignore page 1, the planning template is on page 2 of the pdf
Click on link here

Task 1 - Introduction

First, look at my brief introduction, then write your own


  • Keep your introduction short – no more than 3 sentences
  • It usually answers Who, What, When, Where, Why questions?
  • Use your plan to help you


Task 2

Read paragraph 2 ( Appearance) of my report. I have created a story map ( which is below) and acted it out on the video. Your  second task is split into 3 parts:

  • Write your appearance paragraph using your plan to help you. Also, magpie some of my choices if you wish and use a thesaurus to up level your vocabulary
  • Create a story map for the paragraph
  • Act it out for your friends and family. Remember to rehearse a few times before you perform it

As I am the kindest teacher in town, I will give you until Monday to complete these tasks.


Good luck and I look forward to seeing your work!

Talk for writing

Great work from EB on identifying features of a non - chronological report. Well done superstar!