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Week of Monday 22nd June

Hello everyone – it’s Mr Rist here! I am going to giving you the creative tasks for the next few weeks. This  week, we are going on a leaf hunt (no, not a bear hunt) and making some leaf art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.


Task 1

To stop yourself from going stir crazy( or your parents), I need you to go for a socially distanced walk to the nearest green space/park. Follow these steps to complete the task:


  • Take your leaf hunt sheet to the park/ green space
  • Try to find leaves that match up with the leaves on the sheet

Try to pick leaves off the ground if you can, not off the trees

  • Say the name of the leaf
  • Describe its shape – oval, round
  • Describe its size – small, medium, large
  • Does it feel rough/smooth?
  • Does it have a serrated edge( toothed like a saw) ?
  • Do the leaves have lobes? A lobe is the round bit that comes out of the main part of the leaf
  • Draw and colour your favourite leaf – label some of the features eg lobe, vein, oval, round, serrated

With my own children, I did a follow up activity, where they had to match up the leaf pictures to their names.

How to use the leaf cards:

  • Print off the leaf cards
  •  Cut out the names
  • Shuffle pictures and names and place face down
  • Turn 2 cards over, if they match you keep them. If they do not match, put them back in the same place
  • Player with most pairs win

This is a really good game. My kids loved it!

When you go to the park next time, can you remember the names of the trees!

Below, I have included leaf hunt sheet, leaf vocabulary to help with drawings and the leaf card game!


Task 2

For our second task, we are off to the park again to collect lots of leaves.

Andy Goldsworthy is a famous artist who makes his art from natural things like leaves and twigs.


Look at the pictures below to see some of his Art. I know it might be harder to find the more colourful leaves at this time of the year, but you could still make something amazing. You can be really creative and make whatever shape/pattern you want. It might be a spiral/leaf/oval/arrow shape? You could do  a repeating pattern where you change the size and colour.


To give you some inspiration, look at the video below. I can’t wait to see your pictures. Good luck!

leaf art

Still image for this video
Click on link here
Wow! Some spectacular leaf art from EB and TV!