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Week of Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 1 and 2s! Welcome to the new Key Stage 1 blog. We hope it seems clear and it lets you show off to your adults your super skills and knowledge.


Monday the 22nd of June 2020


This week we will be looking at money. Today we will focus on identifying different coins and notes. Also we will look at adding different amounts.



Watch this video to understand more on how to identify money and how to add amounts.

Identifying coins and adding them up

Please try these google forms. They go up from mild to flaming hot! Start where ever you feel comfortable and try as many forms as you like.

Thank you for your extra maths sent by google forms!

Tuesday the 23rd of June 2020

Making combinations of different amounts investigation


First things first, you will need to design a money bank to store your money! Here are some examples but you can do it any style you like. Use A4 paper if you can. Also watch my video to see how I get on!


Now please watch my video where we look at how to find all the coin combinations to make 10p

Coin combos

Task 1: Use real coins or draw different combinations to make 10p


Task 2: Make or draw all the different coin combinations to make 20p. Remember to try and work systematically
Task 3: Investigate coin combinations to make 50p. Here are some examples. Either use real coins or draw money.
Task 4: Investigate lots of coin combinations which make £1 (100p). 

Extra Activities


Hungry for more? That's the spirit! Here are some extra games and activities to challenge your money skills.



Extra Challenge!

Thank you KS1 children for these amazing investigations and terrific money bank designs. I see some future accountants and bank managers!

Wednesday the 24th of June 2020

Shopping and how to give change!


Morning all on this fine Wednesday. Today we are off to make a store and do a bit of shopping. Please watch this video of my store and how to add up prices in pence(p) and pounds (£). Also we will look at how to give change by using your subtraction skills. Then try the different form questions below. Finally, make your own store and explain prices to people in your home and send us pictures!

Let's go shopping!

Extra Challenge!: Buy different things from this shop and see how much change you would get with £2

Thank you for more maths investigation pictures!

Adding a 9....Can you spot the pattern?!

 Thursday the 25th of June 2020

Learn its day!

All of your Learn its tests tomorrow include a key skill: Adding 9 to a number. Please have a look at this video to see the pattern which occurs when you add 9 to numbers.

Adding a 9

Friday the 26th of June 2020

BIG Maths day!

Learn its. Choose the correct level, play the music and answer the questions on a piece of paper. Try to beat your last score!

Big Maths... Beat That. 20 Seconds Version.

Y2 learn it- 90 seconds

Big maths

CLIC: Take your time (No time limits), use written methods and try to beat your score

Please have a go at the correct form
Have a super weekend and be a golden citizen to everyone in your home!

Have a great weekend!