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Week of Monday 29th June

Monday 29th June

Shiver Mi Timbers!

Ahoy mi hearties are ye ready to go on a Pirate adventure this week?

Then hop aboard and lets set sail with our adventure story this week,

‘Pirates Love Underpants’

By Claire Freedman

Pirates Love Underpants | Kids Books Read Aloud

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1. What can you see in the picture?

    You could write a list of everything you can see.

Don't forget to use your Fred Fingers!

2. Can you write a sentence using the word bank.

For example,

The map is on the sand.


3. Could you write your own pirate story?

29 June 2020

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Tuesday 30th June

Ahoy there!

I hope you enjoyed our first pirate story. Pirates certainly come across some exciting things on their adventures don't they.

They are also at sea for a long time and need some tasty pirate food. So today we are going to make some yummy pirate treats...

1. Treasure Map Pizza's

2. Vegetable Pirate Swords

3. Banana Sandwich Skull and Cross Bones


Here are some pictures but you can also watch the video to see how to make them.


My Movie 4

My Movie 5

Wednesday 1st July



Morning Mi Hearties!

I'm sure that lots of you have already heard about Pirates making people walk the plank!


I wonder if you could find something to make a plank.



Walk along your plank being careful to keep your balance and not fall off then carefully when you get to the end do one of your best jumps into the sea!


You could try different ways of moving across your plank.


On your tummy

Bunny Hops

Jumping from side to side

Maybe even very carefully backwards.

Don't forget Pirates would make their prisoners walk the plank. Maybe you could pretend your grown up is your prisoner and see if they are as good at balancing as you!

Thursday 2nd July

Lets learn a few Pirate facts today.

1. Watch the video and listen very carefully.

2. Think of 3 things the video told you about Pirates

3. Ask your grown ups 3 questions about Pirates to see if they know the answers


Can you answer my questions?

What was a Pirates sword called?

If a pirate hurt his hand what might he replace it with?

Why did Pirates wear hats?

Could you be a Pirate if you were a girl?

Can you name a famous Pirate?

Why do Pirates have scary looking flags?

What are Pirate flags called?



The Definitive History of Pirates [Animation for Kids]

This is a short animation I created, which briefly summarises the history of pirates! If you like this video please check out my other work Instagram: https:...

Friday 3rd July

Pirate Arrrrrrt

Today why not try creating something Piratey?

Pirates needed to spot things from a long way away. They used telescopes to see where they were going to and also to see if any dangers were close to them.


Every clever Pirate needs a telescope.

Here is a link to instructions on how to make a Swashbuckle telescope.


How to make a Swashbuckle telescope