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Week of Monday 29th June

If you would like to share any of your work from this week, please click here.
Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to today's maths lesson.  We're going on a swashbuckling adventure today using our co-ordinate skills to play a game of pirate battleships. Yes we arrrrrrr!

LO To read and plot co-ordinates on a grid

I can remember to

Read the x then the y co-ordinate

Use the lines on the grid to mark a cross  

Pirate Co-ordinates

Pirate Co-ordinate Games

Online Interactive Co-ordinate Games
For some more pirate-themed maths, have a go at these activities that combine good maths practice with solving mysteries! 
Here are some more pirate-themed maths activities that help you to practice your calculation skills. 

Thursday 2nd July


Well done to this Whizzy Worker for completing these tangram puzzles - they look great. Excellent work!

Good Morning Y5 and Y6 and welcome to today's maths.  We're first of all going to warm up with some Big Maths practice using 'Where's Mully?'.  Watch the video then select from the tasks to practise your skills.

Where's Mully?

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Today we're going to learn about factors of numbers.  Watch the video on the link below to remind yourself of what a factor is.  Then have a look at the slideshow using POM to find factors.  Finally, there are 4 levels of tasks you can choose from to complete.

LO to identify factors

I can remember to

Use my knowledge of times tables

Find factor pairs

Find common factors



Factor pair (2 numbers that multiply together to make another number)

Common factor (a number that is a factor of two different numbers)

Wednesday 1st July


Super work from this Whizzy Worker! Some completed coin cards and work on multiples from yesterday. Well done!!

TimesTable Rockstars - warm up your brain!

As yesterday, warm up your brain on Timestable Rockstars for 10 minutes as this will help prepare you for the work on multiples today. 



We're continuing with our work on multiples and today we're going to use our reasoning and problem solving skills.

LO To solve problems involving multiples

I can remember to 

Write out sequences of multiples

Find common multiples

Give reasons for my answers




Common multiple




The video below models some examples of the tasks today. Watch up to 4 minutes 52 seconds then have a go at the first set of tasks.   The last part of the video models a task that is similar to the challenges.

Multiples - reasoning and problem solving

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Ready for a further challenge?  "Yes!" I hear you shout!

Continue watching the video above from 4 minutes 53 seconds to see the example.  You can continue with the example by clicking

on the file below and/or you can choose one of the other challenges (4 is the most challenging). 

Good luck!

        1                                             2                                           3                                            4  

Tuesday 30th June

Wow! Well done to this Whizzy Worker for showing an excellent understanding of tangram puzzles.

TT Rockstars

Today please warm up your brains by spending 10 minutes on TimesTable Rockstars.  This will really help you to get prepared for
today’s lesson as we will be using our knowledge of times tables.



LO To identify multiples

I can remember to

Use my knowledge of times tables to find multiples

Prove whether a statement is true or false by writing out the multiples of a number

Challenge: to find common multiples


First of all, watch the first video about multiples on the link below. You could also then join in with the song in the second video if you’re feeling lively!

Now watch the video below to watch some of today’s tasks being modelled.  You can then select from the 4 levels of tasks.

Finding Multiples

Please click here if you'd like to feedback or share your work from today.

Monday 29th June




Well done to this Whizzy Worker for creating their own digit cards and completing some coin cards - the digit cards look great and you've done some super calculating.

Coin Cards

Good morning Y5 and Y6. I hope you all had a good weekend.  First of all, use your digit cards, playing cards or number generator (set to either 13-49 for a half challenge or 13-99 for a full challenge) to complete two different coin cards.  Below are the two videos from last week: one on how to make your own digit cards and the other with some modelled examples of completing different levels of coin cards.

Make your own digit cards

Y5/6 Coin Card Multiplication


After completing the coin cards, click on the link below to have a go at solving some maths problems.  Each one gets a little more challenging so choose the ones that are right for you.

Level 1 - complete challenge 1 and 2

Level 2 - complete challenges 3 and 4

Level 3 - complete challenge 5 and 6

Or you could have a go at them all and see how you get on! You could also have a go at solving them together with a member of your household.



Tangrams - continued

Last Friday, you were set a number of fun tasks to complete with tangram puzzles.  Click on the link below to return to this lesson and complete tasks 4, 5 and 6.  Please click here to share your work.  Enjoy!