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Week of Monday 29th June

Well done superstars! I'm glad I didn't meet one of these in the park on the weekend!

Saw Scaled Spined Viper             


The Saw Scaled Spined Viper’s are a type of big snake that live in South and Central America and are very dangerous.


What do Saw Scaled Spined Viper’s look like?


SSSV’s have turquoise scales and pink spots so they can hide in tall grass and attract mates.


What do SSSV’s eat?


They eat meat which means they are carnivores. Most hunt their food by spitting venom and they love to eat lovely juicy furry rodents.


Where do SSSV’s live?



Did you know? SSSV’s can be agresive to human beings with their nerve affecting venom


These animals can be found in the Amazon rainforest and the Mexican planes. They love the rocks and damp soil on their rough scaley body.

Thursday, 3rd July

Task 1

   Today, I want you to really use your imagination and come up with 6 unusual ways to keep yourself entertained.


1.  Take a simple idea and develop it.


Make a cup of tea    β–Ί                  making a cup of tea while playing the ukelele   β–Ί         making a cup of peppermint tea while playing my favourite tune on the ukelele


2.  Use your imagination and come up with something absolutely crazy.


Walk around Meadowhall on your hands dressed as Captain Underpants while eating pickled onion Monster Munch crisps!



3. Hyperbole – it means exaggerating, making something sound better or worse than it is

Staring at the screen non – stop for two weeks, I was slowly turning into a zombie



  Make each idea different and avoid repetition or the reader might get bored. Surprise the reader so each idea is a totally new suggestion. Get some ideas from the following examples.                                                                             



You can apply to the Guinness Book of Records for the world record as child couch potato.


 • You can try surfing TV channels, and see if you can keep up with the plot of 5 programmes at the same time.


• When it rains, you can play raindrop races by betting on which drop will reach the bottom of the window pane first.


• You can train the spider that lives in the plughole to be an acrobat and develop skills as an arachnid trapeze artist.


 • You can draw anything from a Gruffalump eating a cheese pasty to a Hippocrampus that is stuck in a drain.


Or Look at this crazy guy for some crazy ideas!

Frantically, feeding a piece of Stinky, Stilton cheese to a mouse!
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Thursday, 2nd July

Lockdown poem


Our next piece of writing is all about the  crazy situation we have found ourselves in the last few months. Some of us have been going to school and some of us have been staying at home. It’s been a pretty strange time, but in the end things will go back to normal again


Have you found any unusual or interesting ways to keep yourself busy in lockdown.  Here is a video all about the different experiences children had during lockdown 







Keeping kids entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown

Task 1

Here are twelve things that you can do. Can you number them in order, with the most interesting at the top and least interesting at the bottom?


reading comics                                                      • playing with lego

• watching TV                                                        • painting or drawing

 • computer games                                              • talking to the cat/dog/baby brother, etc                                            

• looking out of the window                           • whistling  

 • cooking                                                           • staring at the ceiling                                               

 • writing stories                                                • daydreaming

Task 2


As quickly as you can, jot down some of the different things you did during lockdown

Task 3


Neatly present your ideas however you want. Be as creative as you can. It might be :


  • a storyboard
  • illustrations with key words or phrases
  • an outline of a house with illustrations
  • a short  piece of writing


Good luck! I can't wait to see your work.

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Wednesday, 1st July

Today, you are doing your Golden Writing. Make sure you include all your edits from your first draft ; make it the best it can possibly be! I would love to see some of your amazing writing!

Tomorrow, we are starting some poetry, which will be all about the lockdown experience.

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Tuesday, 30th June


Hi everyone. Today's lesson is the editing stage of our report. Please watch the video below. Also, I have attached a Checklist, which will be handy when you are improving your work.


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Monday , 29th June


Hi wonderful Walkley children,

I hope you had a great weekend, even though the weather was a bit mixed. Please watch the video below for today's task.

complete first draft

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Fantastic work from TG in Year 3. What a star!

Punctuation and grammar


Our PAG learning this week is all about time  connectives. These are words that link different parts of a sentence together. Without connectives, our writing becomes a little bit boring. They help structure our writing and turn shorter sentences into longer ones.


Time connectives are used to show that events take place at different times. You will have used lots of these connectives in instruction texts, explanation texts and stories.I have included the task below for you to complete.

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