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Week of Monday 6th July



Can you guess what adventure we're going on this week?


Here are the Bounce Patrol to tell you a little bit about Space and Astronauts

Watch the video and pretend that you are an Astronaut.

You could even make yourself your own cardboard box rocket or your own Space suit for your Space adventures this week.

Astronauts! Children's Song - Kids Space Adventure | Bounce Patrol

Ready for liftoff? Join Bounce Patrol on an adventure that's out of this world! We blastoff in our rocket ship and explore the galaxy making new friends alon...

Make your own

Tuesday 7th July

Morning Space Adventurers.

So can you remember we said that our stories can take us on Amazing Adventures to lots of different places?

We this weeks story is taking us off to space with a little boy not much older than yourselves.

Listen to the story and then try one of the activities below.


The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

If you were to travel to Space like the boy in the story, who do you think you might meet?

1. Design your own alien. Remember he/she can be as friendly or as scary as you like

2. Label your alien. Maybe they have body parts that are different to ours - Horns, Jelly body, Hairy feet?

3. Write a description of your alien. Tell me about what they like to eat, where they live, do they speak, do they have any special tricks like changing colour?

4. Write a story about what happens when you meet your Alien.


I can wait to see them!


Here is a link to an Alien making activity

Here are some words and questions that might help you


Here is my Alien



Don't worry if you can't spell all the words. Ask a grown up to help. Or tell your grown up your ideas and watch how they write down your ideas.

Some of the words you should be able to use your Fred Fingers to write by yourself. Others will be on your word bank and some you might need may also be the red words you already know.

Wednesday 8th July

Lets become Space experts today!

Listen to this cool rap carefully and you will find out lots about Space.

There are also some links to some great websites where you'll be able to find out lots too.



The Space Rap - "Out Here in Outer Space"

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Now you know lots about Space try this quiz and see if you can answer any of the questions.

You could make up your own Space quiz for your grown up to answer or send it to us in tapestry. Don't make it too tricky though!

I just couldn't resist sharing this wonderful photo on here looks like someone is having a fantastic Space Adventure this year.

Thursday 9th July

What is the solar system?

1. Can you count how many planets there are?

Which is the biggest Planet?

Which is the smallest?

Are any of the planets the same size?

2. All the best Astronauts must be really good at counting. Lets see if you can find and count all the planets. You can print off the Find and Count sheet or just count on the screen.



3. Use your counting to try and answer these questions

Which planet were there most of?

Which were there least of?

Were there any planets that had the same amount?

Friday 10th July

To Infinity and Beyond!

Morning guys. So today is the last day of our Space adventure.

Today we are going to make some planets using paint

Here is a video of me and Arthur making our Marbled Paint Planets.

I have also put on another video of how to achieve a marbled effect for your planet. I didn't use this method as we didn't have any shaving foam. I think when I go to the shops next though I will buy some to have a go as it does look like great fun.




10 July 2020

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

With this next video. You will need to either cut your paper into a circle before you paint it or once it has dried to be able to get the shape for your planet.

You could even give your new planet a name and draw some aliens to go on it who you think might live there.

Shaving Cream Marbling

The best, easiest, and cheapest DIY marbled paper is done with shaving cream marbling. This is one of our all-time favorite art activities. For step-by-step ...