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Week of Monday 6th July


Welcome KS2 to our very own Walkley Primary virtual sports hall. 

Explore the page and click on the images to take you to different links to keep you fit and active.

Open the PDF to start exploring.


Miss Kendall


Song of the Week

Sheffield Music Hub Leader has some fun warm ups that lead into a new song to learn called ‘Make a Difference’.  Enjoy!

Song of the Week - Make a Difference

Challenge of the Week

The challenge this week comes from Sheffield Music School.  The challenge is a fun game to get you thinking about the distance between notes (intervals).

Learning the different intervals- Listening game

Tim and some of our students will show you their actions to do when listening and recognising intervals. This game can be played by anyone and don't forget t...

Laura Steelyard and Caroline Hallam are still taking new applications for Festival Choir for Y3 – Y6. There are currently around 50 members in each choir and rising each week which makes it an exciting place to make music.  Festival Choir are undertaking a recording project to finish the year with a bang! The sessions are free of charge until the end of this academic year so go and give it a try!