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Week of Monday 6th July

Sensational performance poetry from SB. I loved watching this - the stage beckons for this gifted performer!

Friday, 10th July


Our final piece of writing for this school year is suspense writing. Watch the video below for an explanation of what suspense writing is!

What is Suspense?

Next, watch the short video and highlight the features in the text all about Boris!

Identify features of suspense writing

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Great work from SB and EB. You are a poet and maybe you didn't know it! Super effort!

Lockdown Poem


Trucks and taxies roar past me.

Fuel goes into my slim peachish face.


Remember 2 meters apart but now it starts!


Shop doors closed.

Only supermarkets remain.


Remember 2 meters apart and stay safe at home!


Not a word to be spoke.

Helping hand at the ready


Remember 2 meters apart but the NHS still dart.


Birds still tweeting, ducks still qacking.

The community still clapping.


Remember 2 meters apart but the bubbles begin.


Wash hand regularly.

Wear a mask if your close.


Remember save lives. 

Thursday, 9th July


Now, we come to the FUN part. It’s time to take you out of your comfort zone and perform your poem. All poems are written to be performed to an audience.  Joseph Coelho is a well - known poet ;  watch the video below for tips on how to perform a poem.

Also, have a look at the World Famous Performance Poet ,  Mr  Rist, reading his poem Lockdown

Lockdown performance poem


Now, it’s over to you . Make sure you use the tips on the pdf to help you. If you want to send a video of your performance poetry, please email to


Please read this carefully! Due to Safeguarding, we cannot allow any video which uses the name of the pupil. I am sure you understand that our first priority is to keep your children safe. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your videos!

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Wednesday, 8th July


Hopefully, you have completed the first draft of your Lockdown poem! Today, we are going to edit and Golden writing all in one session. As it is a short piece of writing, I think this is achievable! Trust me, you will be fine!


I have provided you with a checklist for editing – just make sure you use it as you read through your poem. I find it useful to read your poem out loud;you are more likely to notice corrections or better word choices. I have provide you with my edited first draft and my Golden Write. My edited version does not seem to have too many corrections - the corrections are mostly making better word choices or adding extra detail. I have corrected in red pen, as I do not have a green one at home!


When you have finished your editing, can you do your Golden Writing. Please look at my example below. It would be great if you could include some illustrations

Tips for Golden Writing:


  • Neat presentation
  • Take your time and check for mistakes
  • Illustrate your poem – make it eye catching


Tomorrow, we are going to have some fun and perform our poems.

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Tuesday, July 7th


Hi everyone,! Today, we are going to be writing the first draft of our lockdown poem. Please watch the video below

First draft lockdown poem

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Monday, 6th July


Our PAGTASTIC task this week is to do with adverbials. An adverbial tells us when, where or how something happens. We use adverbials to extend our sentences and add more detail. Have a go at this quiz to get you started!

Now have a go at sorting the adverbials. As an extension, can you put them into interesting sentences. Remember to use good word choices - powerful verbs, interesting adjectives and conjunctions to extend your sentences.

As an extension, can you make sentences using the table in the pdf. Choose a main clause and an adverbial that seems to match up.

Try to put the adverbial in different places in your sentences - they do not always need to go at the start of sentences.

Click on link here

Literacy Monday, 6th July


For today, we are going to focus on poetic devices, which means some of the features you might expect to find in a poem.


1. Alliteration


When words that are close together start with the same sound, it’s called alliteration. It helps make images stand out. For example, The slide smiles. The ‘s’ sound is used at the start of both words – slide and smiles. Before you attempt the task, click on the link to watch the BBC Bitesize video.

 Underline the alliteration (words that are close together that have the same sound at the start) in the first two verses below:



Lockdown Park



Cawston Park watches and waits.

Suddenly, squealing, children enter, laughing.

The rope swing giggles.

The slide smiles.

The trampoline tense

Another child skids down the slide, grinding to a sudden halt.

The gentle thump, thump, thump of a distant trampoline provides a steady heartbeat.

Steel springs squeak in rhythm, providing a welcome tune.

Cawston Park sighs and smiles

Task 1


Make up 3 things you did on lockdown using alliteration- they can be silly or sensible!


Example: Frantically, feeding a piece of stinky, Stilton cheese to a mouse!

2.  Similes


Word-pictures – using similes You probably know about similes. Similes are really useful when you write because they help the reader picture and get a better understanding of what you are writing about.  Click on the link to watch this video about similes



There are two types like and as , for example: It was as small as a grain of wheat. His hands were like claws. Everyone has heard of the simile as quiet as a mouse . In this activity, you have to create new endings so that instead of as quiet as a mouse , you think of something else really quiet, for example, as quiet as a thief s whisper in a library .


Task 2


Can you make up new similes by completing the following:


as loud as


as red as


as large as


as small as


as tall as


as blue as


as soft as


as tough as

Task 2


Let's have some fun by inventing 3 crazy  similes all about our Lockdown experiences




Walking around your bathroom like Captain Underpants while devouring pickled onion Monster Munch crisps,



Training the spider that lives in the plughole to be as acrobatic as a trapeze artist

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