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Week of Monday 6th July

A brilliantly drawn bar chart and collected data by WM, LR and BB.

Monday 6th July

L/O: To interpret bar charts.

Just how have we got to July so quickly? It only seems like yesterday when I was eating my Christmas dinner!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and managed to get outside and do some exercise. 

This week we will be looking into data handling and there is a bit of a theme throughout the week.

Any work you've completed from this weeks maths please submit here.

Watch the video to start today's lesson.


LKS2 Data Handling Lesson 1


Still image for this video

Tuesday 7th July

L/O: To collect data and draw a bar chart (with the help of Miss Kendall)

Today's video is 15 minutes long however it is split into two parts.

First, videos of staff to collect the data and second explaining how to complete a bar cart. 

You will need


Coloured crayons

A ruler

Squared paper (or printed off sheets from below)

Your tally chart of information (collected from the first part of the video)


Remember to keep pausing the video to complete the steps of drawing your bar chart

1) A underlined title

2)Draw the axis

3)Label the axis

4)Write the scale and names

5)Draw your bars for each adult using information from your tally chart.

6)Be careful not to draw lines straight across the page.


Any completed bar charts please take a picture and submit here.

LKS2 Data Handling Lesson 2

Wednesday 8th July

L/O: To collect your own data and complete a bar chart independently.

LKS2 Data Handling. Lesson 3.

Steps for today's lesson 

1) Decide what your bar chat is going to be about (look for ideas below). Something that will get you up and moving!!

2) Collect the data by completing a tally chart

3) Create a bar chart using the information collected from step 2 (You might want to re-watch yesterdays video)



  • Penalty shoot out - How many goals in 30 seconds. 
  • Star Jump challenge- How many star jumps can be completed in 30 seconds.
  • Obstacle course- Design an obstacle course - Record how many times each person can complete it in 2 minutes.
  • Target practice- Record how many times a person can hit a target such as a plastic cup or cone in 30 seconds.

Choose a time that works for you!




Thursday 9th July

L/O: To interpret data and solve one-step and two-step problems. 

Watch the video to start today's lesson. Click here to submit any work for this week.

LKS2 Data Handling Problems. Lesson 4.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Friday 10th July

To get your brains warmed up try Miss Travis's number of the day! 

Y3's your number of the day is: 346

Y4's your number of the day is: 2482

Watch the video, give it a try then use the website below to check your answers.

Number of the Day

Try this MATHS CARD GAME - Target noughts and crosses for this weeks Friday Fun Maths. All you need is a whiteboard or paper and a pack of cards (You can always make your own!)