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What we're doing in class

It has been another very busy and exciting week in Elmers! We have completed a range of activities such as building with shape blocks and making christmas paper chains. We have also enjoyed learning about weight. This has included experimenting with weighing scales and using language such as heavy and light to describe different objects. 


We had so much fun at our Elmer Christmas party. We enjoyed dancing, playing party games and eating delicious party food! 


We also enjoyed inviting our families in to join us for 'Nursery Rhyme Time'. This involved playing musical instruments and singing our favourite nursery rhymes in our Forest School. It was fantastic fun!! 


We have had another brilliant half term! Thank you to all of our fantastic children and all of our supportive families!

This week the Elmers have been very busy! We have been rehearsing for our Nativity performance, accessed a range of exciting provision within our classroom and finished off our calanders and christmas cards. 


The children have had so much fun getting ready for the run up to christmas. We have enjoyed cutting out christmas decorations and making paper chains to decorate our classroom. Lots of us even helped to decorate our classroom christmas tree. 

The Elmers have had another week full of fun and lots of learning! This week we have enjoyed experimenting with instruments to create a range of different sounds. We have created loud and quiet sounds and created different tempos using a range of instruments. 


Lots of learning as always has taken place both indoors and outdoors as well during continuous provision time! 

The Elmers have had another wonderful week! We have enjoyed a range of activities. The children are becoming so independent and are loving accessing the wide range of provision we have within our classroom. 


We have focused on a range of activities to support our shape recognition, fine motor skills and imaginative play as well as develop lots of other vital skills. Take a look at some photos of the fun learning taking place in the Elmer base! 

The Elmers had a wonderful afternoon printing with vegetables and paints! Mrs Laver very kindly brought in vegetables for us to print with. The children had so much fun!! 


Lots of the children made excellent comments and observations as we experimented. These included comments such as: 


- 'I like pink'. 


- 'I don't like onions'. 


- 'These are potatoes. We eat them'. 

Having lots of fun printing with vegetables.