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You choose....

Posted on October 5, 2016 by dfisher.



For the past two weeks we have been focusing our work on the fantastic story ‘You Choose’.


We have read the story together as a whole class. The Elmers were very excited to make comments about the pictures and respond to what was read. We love reading so much!


We have had circle times to discuss themes linked to the story e.g. ‘Our favourite food’ and ‘Our ideal clothes’. Lots of us like pizza and different fruits. Many of the Elmers would like to wear princess dresses or dress up as their favourite super hero. We are so lucky that we can choose to dress up in our ‘ideal clothes’ at Nursery.

We have also been talking about where we live and our ideal homes. Linked to our focus on 2d shapes, we have even made shape house pictures!

Another busy week of exciting learning!! Well done Elmers, you are doing so brilliantly and making lots of progress.


Don’t forget – all our families can help with learning at home. Feel free to visit our cloakroom to find some of the activities you can complete with your child to support their progress.


Thank you as always,


Mr Fisher