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Summer 1

 A delivery of caterpillars!

Welcome back! 

This week we have had a special delivery, four hungry caterpillars arrived at the Seashells class in a tub with lots of food. We are going to observe them over the next few weeks to see how they change. 

They are already growing very quickly. When we got back from Easter weekend they were double the size and had become all furry. Do you know what will happen next?

The king of tiny things

This week we have been reading the story 'The King of Tiny things'. We received a tiny letter from the King asking us to be creepy crawlie Kings and Queens and to help him to look after mini-beasts. He was worried about the insects in the forest and asked us to find out which mini-beasts live there so he can help protect them.

We went on a mini-beast hunt and recorded what we found using tally charts. Later this week we will write back to the King and describe what we found.

Have you got seen any mini-beasts in your garden or around your home? Can you name them?