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Summer 2

Many of us are heading off to a football tournament soon. We will be a South Korea and a Cameroon team in the games. Please research and make a fact sheet on one of these fantastic countries!



South Korea:

Please locate different islands on google maps!

We have been doing work about a brilliant story called "Gregory Cool" set in Tobago for our topic and so we went to the forest school to make and eat bbq chocolate bananas and drink coconut water. We also cleaned up the forest school and sang the "Plastic Bag" song about pollution in our oceans. The Gruffalos were very engaged but also very sensible around the fire. Many thanks Mr Butler for your cooking skills!

As part of the Science and DT for our Land Ahoy theme, we have built lunch box baskets from recycled materials. These will hopefully withstand being pulled on a zip wire, splashed with water and shot at by a nerf gun (simulating a seagull attack!) We will let you know how the Gruffalo inventors got on later!

Here is a great Newsround article and quiz to test your ocean knowledge! Please note that the Southern ocean was only officially recognised in 2002!

Here are some pics of our fantastic day at the Moorlands Discovery Centre in the glorious peak district. Many thanks to the rangers and volunteers who guided and helped us! One volunteer ranger commented that we were the best group he had led in 11 years! Finally, please try and spot the two magnificent red deer stags we stumbled upon.

Here are some pics of our Star Wars and end of Sats party!!