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Summer 2

Y4 Ancient Greek Day

To start out new topic 'The Classics: Greece and Rome' Y4 participated in a range of different activities learning all about the ancient Greeks. 

First, they read about wreaths and the Olympic flame and why they had such a significance to the ancient Greeks. The children then made wreaths to wear all day and and Olympic torch to use in the afternoon. 

The children then read the myth Medusa and discussed other myth and legends and their similarities. From this they then made their own mythical creatures using a combination of animals. 


During the afternoon, the children rotated around three different activities. 


1) Tasting foods the Greeks had/have such as pomegranate seeds, anchovies, olives, hummus, tzatziki, pita bread dipped in olive oil and feta cheese. 


2) Looking at and discussing artefacts we borrowed from Western Park Museum. 


3) Taking part in a mini-Olympics where the children could compete in shot put, javelin and relays. The teams competed against each other and measured the distance of their throws. Here the children could encourage each other using their Olympic torches.


What a fantastic day to kick start our new topic!!

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