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Summer 2 - Can we build it?

  Week 1 - The three little pigs

This term we are talking all about building. Our first story is The Three Little Pigs. We read the story and watched a video version of it too. Then we had a go at acting out parts of the story outside. We even built our own stage and scenery. Some children took on the role of narrator whilst other became the characters. We had an audience and a presenter who introduced the story.

The children were amazing at remembering the events and what the characters needed to say.


The Big Bad Wolf!

The seashells had a go at becoming the big bad wolf! We read the story of the 3 Little Pigs and discussed the best materials to use for a house. We talked about which materials were easy to blow down. We looked at a selection of objects and materials and made predictions about which ones we thought would get blown away by the wolf. The children then became the wolf and tried to blow the objects away. They 'huffed and puffed' but did they blow away? 

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Honey on toast 

We received a very special delivery of a real honeycomb from one of the Year 1 parents. We enjoyed looking at the honeycomb and smelling the delicious honey. We had a great afternoon making and eating honey and toast. 

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