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Admissions to Walkley Primary School and Nursery 

Thank you for your interest in joining our school community. At Walkley Primary School, we believe in a strong community, partnership between parents and the local community, a sense of lifelong personal and academic development and a commitment to excellence. The school will continue to grow and change, but we will always remain true to our vision.



Walkley Nursery is an inclusive Nursery that welcomes children from all backgrounds and with all abilities. All children have equal access to places in our Nursery. Admission into our Nursery is irrespective of whether your child is likely to move into our Foundation Stage.


How to apply

Children are eligible to access their free learning place from the start of the term after their third birthday. Places are allocated throughout the school year. If you would like a place in our nursery, you will need to contact the school office to obtain an application form; this can be done via or on 0114 2340550. Alternatively, you can download the application form below and email or bring it to the school office.


Once you have completed and submitted the forms to our school office; indicating your preferred sessions. Our office team will be in touch to notify you of the availability of places and offer you a time for you and your child to come to school to meet a member of our pastoral team for a meeting to discuss transition.


During the meeting, we will share information about nursery and discuss the settling in sessions for your child. Every transition is unique, and based upon the child and the parents’/carers’ needs. Some children may find transition easier than others. Transition is a gradual process; beginning with short visits and then lengthened over time to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Walkley Nursery.

The pastoral team will be able to answer any questions that you may have.  Alongside this, there will be some forms for you to complete as part of the admission process. The meeting will take no more than 30 minutes and is for parents/carers and children.


Foundation Stage - how to apply

Walkley Primary School admissions follow the Sheffield Local Authority Policy and applications for a place at Walkley need to be directed to Primary Admissions for Sheffield. Information can be found on the Sheffield Council Website, or by contacting Pupil Admissions.


Website: Apply for a school place (


Telephone: 0114 273 5766


Information on the application process to Foundation Stage can be found here.


Applications are invited every Autumn term (mid-September/early October) and the closing date for submitting applications is 15th January each year. All places are allocated on the basis of our admission number.


In-Year Admissions (Sheffield School Transfers)

For in-year transfers, if you want to apply for a school place outside normal school entry years you can apply for a transfer to another school. Any parent/carer wishing to apply for a transfer must obtain and a complete a Common Transfer Form from their current school. You can apply for up to three schools. The Common Transfer Form needs to be completed jointly by parents/carers and the child’s current school. Once this is completed, the form needs to be sent to Pupil Admissions at the details below.


Address: Pupil Admissions, Floor 5, West Wing, Moorfoot, S1 4PE


Telephone: 0114 273 5766



When Pupil Admissions receive transfer forms, they will inform you of the decision for the schools you have applied for within 15 school days and the reason for that decision. This decision will be based on spaces in the required year groups. If there are spaces in the year group(s) of your preference school, Pupil Admissions will contact that school.


If you are allocated a place at Walkley Primary School, our school office team will contact parents/carers to arrange a transition meeting with our pastoral team. The meeting will take no more than 30 minutes and is for parents/carers and children. During this meeting, there will be some forms for you to complete as part of the admission process and our pastoral team will explain how transition to Walkley Primary School looks. We will then look at a starting date for your child to join us.


Children new to Sheffield

If you are new to Sheffield and would like a school place, please call the Children Missing Education Team on 0114 273 6462 or email You can make an appointment to complete an application to apply for a school place.



Families who have not been allocated a place at Walkley may appeal the Local Authority decision.  Families can access further information from the Admissions team at Sheffield City Council (as per contact details above).


Appeals for in-year places are held all year round and should be heard within 30 days of the appeal being received by the Local Authority. Appeals for places in Foundation Stage 2 (Receptions) are generally held after the May Bank Holiday and will be heard within 40 days. Parents should receive at least 10 days’ notice from the Local Authority once an appeals hearing has been set.