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Who's Who

Come and meet the fabulous staff at Walkley!

Senior Leadership Team

Val Sian - Headteacher
Chris Wallis - Deputy Headteacher
Linda Jinkinson - Senior Learning Mentor
Rachel Baron - EYFS Phase Leader
Hamish Malcolm - Joint KS1 Phase Leader
Sarah Prochazka-Lawton - Joint KS1 Phase Leader
Sally Travis - Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Jenna Leverton - Upper KS2 Phase Leader

Inclusion Team

Toni Homer - Inclusion Manager
Linda Jinkinson - Senior Learning Mentor
Matthew Clements - Learning Mentor

Teaching and Learning Team

Laura Waller - Elmers
Gill Bracken - Elmers
Janine Laver - Elmers
Rachel Baron - Seashells
Sam Hare - Seashells
Kate Hill - Hungry Caterpillars
Fran Nellist - Hungry Caterpillars
Amy Wallis - Hungry Caterpillars
Sarah Prochazka-Lawton - Anansi
Dan Murphy - Anansi
Laura Hargreaves - Anansi
Jason Drew - Smartest Giants
Beth Goldsmith - Smartest Giants
Hamish Malcolm - Gruffalos
Ann Chetcuti - Gruffalos
Colette Robinson - Storm Whale
Daniel Ball-Jones - Storm Whale
Harriet Morecroft - Aslans
Kyla Solinger - Aslans
Anita Wieczorek - Aslans
Chris Earl - Charlies
Rhys Evans - Charlies
Jessica Kendall - Fantastic Foxes
Jayne Wilson - Fantastic Foxes/Intervention Assistant
Matthew Clements - Fantastic Foxes
Sean Gamage - Varjak Paws
Jenny Green - Varjak Paws
Kajal Hall - Kensukes
Jenna Leverton - Kensukes
Kelly Edge - Kensukes
Amanda Stephens - The Potters
Ruth Goff - The Potters
Emily Whitham - Teaching Assistant
Lisa Hudson - 1 to1 TA
Crissy English - PPA Teacher
Sarah Lucas - PPA Teacher
Sally Travis - PPA Teacher
Jon Rist - Continuity and Progression Teacher

Office, Buildings and Admin Team

Sue Prigmore - Office Manager
Sylvie Amian Frebo  - Office Clerk
Andy Butler - Building Supervisor
Stephen Whitworth - Assistant Assets Officer
Dan Hilton - IT Support

Lunchtime Support Team

Matthew Clements - Play Leader
Andy Butler - Play Leader
Janine Laver - Play Leader
Rhys Evans - Play Leader
Daniel Ball-Jones - Lunchtime Supervisor
Lisa Brammall - Lunchtime Supervisor
Kelly Edge - Lunchtime Supervisor
Sally England - Lunchtime Supervisor
Laura Hargreaves - Lunchtime Supervisor
Lisa Hudson - Lunchtime Supervisor
Carol Townsend - Lunchtime Supervisor
Anita Wieczorek - Lunchtime Supervisor
Emily Whitham - Lunchtime Supervisor

Breakfast Club Team

Lisa Hudson
Janine Laver
Debbie Sutton

Cleaning Team

Mel Buxton
Angela Furniss
Jo Gordon
Bethany Laver
Dan Richards
Debbie Sutton