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The School Day

  • Drop off / pick up times:
    • Gates open at 8.40am for drop off and 3.00pm for pick up.
    • EYFS and KS1 classes dropped at classroom door within 5 minute window.
    • Y3/4 classes enter school through the North side door and alight to pick up point on the yard
    • Y5/6 classes enter school through the West side door (next to Main Entrance) and alight to pick up point on the yard
    • EYFS and KS1 classes to be picked up from classroom doors at set times.
    • KS2 classes to be picked up from muster points on the yard at set times
    • Gaps between drop off and pick up windows to limit number of people on site.
  • Lunch times / playtimes:
    • EYFS, KS1 and KS2 bubbles will take lunch in the Hall.
    • Lunchtime staff will be assigned to Lunchtime teams (4 teams)
    • Teachers to take their lunch break whilst their pupil group is on their lunch. Staff room can be used for communal use.
    • Play space to be utilised as Front yard, top yard, trim trail and/or back yard (timetabled)
    • EYFS to use designated play space. Trim trail at lunchtime.
  • Cohort Groups: From September 2021
    • Ground Floor – EYFS and KS1 - 143 pupils plus Nursery:
      • Nursery
      • F2 – Chameleons and Caterpillars
      • Y1 – Jolly Posties and Anansi
      • Y2 – Gruffalos and Smartest Giants
    • First Floor – Y3 to Y6 - 210 pupils
      • Y3 – Aslan and Borrowers
      • Y4 – Charlies
      • Y5 – Varjak Paws and Hiccups
      • Y6 – Kensukes


Nursery morning sessions begin at 08:50 and end at 11:20
Nursery morning sessions begin at 11:20 and end at 12:35
Nursery afternoon sessions begin at 12:35 and end at 15:05. 



At Walkley Primary School, we are proud that our school pupil attendance is above national averages. It is no surprise that the high percentage of pupils coming to school regularly corresponds to the excellent attainment and progress we see our children make.


Every half term, as a reward for the children with 100% attendance, each child will receive a 100% attendance voucher with their name and the relevant half term date on. Therefore, there is the possibility to win 6 attendance vouchers per academic year.  Attendance vouchers can be saved or spent at the end of each half term or saved for the whole year. 


A booklet of prizes is available on the school website so that children and parents can see the type of prizes on offer. The more attendance vouchers saved, the more expensive the reward.


To claim your prize you will need to bring your 100% voucher(s) to Tennyson hall after school.

100% Attendance - Bank it or Spend it?

Learning time is precious and so to minimise the impact of being late we would like to highlight the procedures at the start of the school day for pupils in F2 to Y3. Please see the attached letter informing of the changes.

Procedures for Latecomers FS2 to Y3