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I am privileged to have been the Lead Head for School Improvement and Headteacher of Walkley Primary School since my appointment in April 2012 leading a talented, enthusiastic, visionary, conscientious and hard- working staff to raise the standard of education offered in developing the whole child.


Walkey Primary School is a unique and special place where excellent learning and teaching offers opportunities for pupils and families to ’reach for the sky’. Our school encapsulates this through our own warm and individual identity, combining traditional values with a modern bright vision and a rich curriculum deserving its place in the 21st Century.


Walkley is an energetic and dynamic school, where learning is carried out in a very peaceful, happy, friendly, nurturing and caring manner. At Walkley we are totally committed to the development of your children, to offer them the very best start to their formal education. An education that is rich in learning opportunities and fulfilling relevant experiences, one that influences a lifelong love of learning. We consider our school to be like a second home and aim to instil in children good values and attitudes that will remain with them all their lives – we aim to make these unique and special days memorable, interesting, challenging and fun.


Our motto is Enjoyment, Achievement and Learning for Life. This is a community where we learn the importance of caring about each other, sharing with others, learning to play and communicate, learning to negotiate and compromise. Each person is looked after and is regarded as having the ability to make a strong contribution to the ethos and talents of the whole school.  We develop effective thinkers, encourage creativity, promote life skills within a very positive ‘can do’ culture.  Individuality and uniqueness are celebrated. Praise is the hallmark of our discipline and we hope that each person will be proud to call this ‘Our School’.


We establish a supportive and encouraging partnership between home and school. Every effort will be made by an extremely able and dedicated staff to help the children settle into school within a happy, positive, friendly and mutually supportive environment, enabling us to provide the very best in primary education and the beginning of life-long learning.


If you are looking for a place, please telephone to establish if we have any places in that particular year group.


All schools are different and the decision about which one to choose is not easy. We wish you every success in finding the school that best suits your child’s unique and special personality, interests, talents and learning styles.


Val Sian