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Recovery Learning

COVID recovery premium report


The DFE has allocated £650 million to be spent on ensuring all pupils have the chance to catch up and support schools to enable them to do so. Headteachers have the autonomy to decide how the money will be used within their own setting and circumstances. We aim that all pupils will receive a high-quality education, that involves many opportunities for talking and discussion and prepares them for to be on a par with pupils nationally as the transition to Year 7. Our children will recover in a calm, unpressurised, supportive, encouraging and nurturing environment over time. Walkley Primary School has received £8,000


We will teach a broad range of subjects offering the full curriculum. This will not be narrowed to the teaching of reading, writing and numeracy only.  We will teach an ambitious and broad curriculum using many quality opportunities for literacy and numeracy to be taught within the wider curriculum; as well as making use of flexibilities to create time to teach and consolidate the most important concepts missed. We will plan based on the educational needs of pupils as we always do, whilst working on the wider strategies which are essential for pupils to reach their academic potential. At Walkley Primary School we are offering a Recovery programme for all pupils which will focus on:


Wider strategies

  • Social interaction
  • Mental Health and Emotional Well being
  • Positive behaviour management
  • Language development
  • Communicating with, supporting families and signposting additional sources of support
  • Further develop home learning/ remote learning through online platforms
  • Investment in computing resources to support learning in school and home.
  • Planning for pupils who had little access to home learning during Lockdown (March to September 2020 and January – March 2021)
  • Effective transition to High School for present Year 6 pupils.
  • Tracking of all pupils but particularly those who are disadvantaged, SEND and vulnerable pupils
  • Strategic recovery over time



  • High quality teaching for all
  • Quality First teaching
  • Effective assessment
  • Effective differentiation
  • Teaching assistant support
  • Gap analysis
  • Strategic Recovery over time
  • Online book library support RWI, banded books and a wide collection of resources that families can access at home.
  • Maths support through TT Rockstars.



Targeted academic support as required

  • High quality small group teaching within the classroom
  • High quality 1:1 teaching
  • Targeted support based around assessment knowledge.