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Values and Ethos

Our Aims for our children are that:

  • They are provided with the building blocks to enable them to aspire and achieve through resilience, determination and confidence.
  • They explore their curiosities through creative opportunities in all areas of the curriculum to further develop their unique talents and interests.
  • They feel happy, valued and safe within an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.
  • They learn, acquire knowledge skills and understanding within a safe, stimulating and motivating environment.



At Walkley Primary School, we believe in a strong community, partnership between parents and the local community, a sense of lifelong personal and academic development and a commitment to excellence. The school will continue to grow and change, but we will always remain true to our values.



Our school days will be filled with joy, enquiry excitement and fun. We will create vibrant memories for our learners to carry with them for life. We must be sure that we create an environment of mutual respect and humour. An environment that stimulates and excites, a school where we are confident to smile knowing that we will overcome our challenges and positively address our mistakes, recognising these as opportunities to learn further, a school confident to laugh together, a school that our community is proud to call its own.



Happiness and confidence that you can achieve is going to make the pathway of learning an ultimately rewarding experience. What a fantastic adventure we are going to take together as we enter the Walkley Learning Zone. It is our responsibility to ensure that every child at Walkley believes that they have the ability to learn and the self-assurance to solve problems and overcome difficulties. We must inspire and enthral, jump on the thinking and questions of our young learners so that they keep the power and mystery of thinking and discovery. Children will develop a desire to learn that is born out of the magic of exploring, learning in a brilliant and stimulating learning environment. Learning will be relevant, applicable to the 21st Century so that children can see the purpose for the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.  They should be positively encouraged to celebrate the feeling of achievement gained from the new doors they can open, challenges that are overcome and proud of a job well done.


Learning for Life

Learning and maturing, blossoming and developing should be a life long journey of exploration and discovery of new experiences and opportunities.  Children’s education should be full of ‘WOW’ moments combined with strong self -discipline and responsibility, ensuring that we can excite and stimulate our pupils whilst remaining organised and disciplined. We offer them challenges and support allowing them to learn from their mistakes whilst ensuring good self-esteem and show them how to create their future affirmations. Our primary school days will be lived in a nurturing and secure environment. We will be valued and value others, no matter what their background, appearance, nationality, religion or disability. We will celebrate the past, live in the present and plan for the future. At Walkley Primary School, we look to lead children with the skills they will need in reparation for their own journey through life.