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Late/Absence Procedures

The school operates a first day contact system where we would ask you to contact us if your child is absent, preferably before half past nine. If we do not receive a phone call, then school will make contact with you. This helps us with our safeguarding procedures.

May we take this opportunity to remind parents/carers about the importance of attendance at school. Children are required to gain a lot of knowledge within a day which impacts on what they learn for the remainder of the week. Pupils and classes are rewarded for good attendance. Any parents /carers of pupils who fall below the acceptable 95% attendance will be contacted by the school and the Attendance Officer.

Head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers are legally required to request exceptional term time leave from the Head teacher of the school at which their child is registered. Requests for exceptional term time leave must be made at least 20 school days in advance of any arrangement being made. This will allow sufficient time for the request to be considered by the school. The request will be made in writing (letter or email) by the parent/carer using a Request for Exceptional Leave form which can be obtained in the school office. One form per child per request should be completed. 

Parents/carers who take their child on 'unauthorised leave', or fail to keep the school informed of changes to leave arrangements, may receive a fine, be prosecuted and/or the children may lose their place at their school. (LA Term time leave policy) 

Click below to download our Attendance and Punctuality Policies